Need to Surrender your dog?

In addition to taking in dogs from high-kill shelters, Fetch works with individuals who have made the challenging decision to rehome their dog. For dogs that are a match for our foster program, Fetch will take them into foster care until adoption. For dogs not suitable for our foster program, owners can list the dog's bio on our Dogs In the Community adoption page. We will interview and screen applicants for those dogs and the owners will have the final decision regarding adoption. Owners - please consider this before posting your dog on any public forums. 

To have your dog considered for adoption, please schedule a phone interview below. This will allow us to get information about your dog, as well as help you understand all of your options regarding your dog. 

All requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on available resources at the time of the request. Fetch cannot accommodate all requests that we get, but we will try our hardest to help you find the best option for your dog.