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 We get asked regularly about the trainers that we work with. Finding a good trainer is critical to helping your dog thrive, especially if they have some baggage they are trying to overcome. We believe in a balanced approach and that your trainer should work with you to determine the methods and approach that works best. Below, you’ll find a list of trainers that we have worked with and found success with. We can’t guarantee every one will be a perfect match for you, so do your homework. This is really meant to give you a place to start.

sit means sit dog training

Madison, WI


The unique Sit Means Sit training model uses Attention-Based Training to modify behaviors and teach dogs new skills and proper manners. This approach to training allows our Sit Means Sit Madison trainers to use a variety of attention based modalities such as leashes, flat collars, food, toys, and naturally our patented Sit Means Sit Collar. Just as in sports and academics, no one is ever punished into excellence. We teach with a healthy level of clear guidance, direction, and enthusiastic praise. Through repetition and proper progression, excellence and proficiency are then achieved. We are best known for our off leash results around distractions, both on and off the owner’s property.

We address many different areas of training.Our training is safe, free of confrontation, conflict and confusion. There is no yelling or punishment in our training progressions. The collar (as is with all other training modalities), does not train a specific skill such as “sit” or “down”. We as the trainers train the skill. The collar simply acts as a neutral attention aid, and once we have the dogs attention, we begin shaping a skill by guiding and directing the dog. As you view our portfolio of dog training videos and pictures, we hope that you will pay close attention to the attitude of all the dogs trained by Sit Means Sit. We direct our focus on generating and maintaining a happy and relaxed attitude in all of our dogs. 608-561-3647
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majors academy

Green Bay, Wisconsin


With our unique board and train program we are able to service the entire state of Wisconsin and surrounding states. Our board and train program has proven to be one of the best dog training programs in the United States. No matter how severe the dogs behavior, we are sure the board and train is the solution. We can take dogs from highly leash aggressive, to off-leash reliable and from very fearful to confident. Majors Academy is often the last stop or last chance for many dogs. What makes this program so unique is that we enforce real-world dog training during your dogs stay with us. We feel that many training opportunities are missed if your dog is staying in a training facility or warehouse such as garbage lurking, digging, counter surfing, food begging, doorbell reactivity, jumping on furniture or neighbors, fence fighting/chasing and even potty training.

Your dog will actually get to spend 24/7 in a nice and comfortable home environment that boarding facilities cannot offer. Dog socialization is another huge part of our program, so if your dog is human or dog aggressive they are all welcome. On top of it all, your dog will have fun learning with us! You, the owner; will be able to effectively and confidently communicate with your dog by knowing and executing all the basic commands with ease. It's time your dog became the loving and obedient pet you always knew they could be! Inclusion in our everyday lives is the best reward we can give our pets!


kane9 dog training

Madison, WI


I’m Kaitlin Kane Stankowski, founder and lead trainer at KANE9 Dog Training & Advocacy. I live in Madison, WI with my husband Casey and our dog, Rhody. At KANE9, we follow a permission-based training technique designed to give dog owners the tools they need to create a balanced and gratifying relationship with their canine family members. We have success implementing and communicating with dogs using tools like slip leads, prong collars, e-collars, body pressure and appropriate praise, all of which are designed to establish healthy boundaries and structure for your dog. We make things clear for the dogs, "no" means no and 'yes" means yes, we do not leave them in a gray area, as it is our job to lead them. With over five years of hands-on experience working with dogs, I am confident we can help address the challenges you’d like to overcome.

There is nothing greater than hands on experience. The beauty of working with dogs is that they are all different and each dog teaches you something knew. We will never stop learning and furthering our education.

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Wisco Dog Training

Madison, WI


Growing up in Madison WI, I always wanted a dog… At six years old, my parents finally caved; and we came home with the cutest unassuming border collie mix you could imagine. Fast forward a few months and my parents were in way over their heads. That adorable little puppy we brought home had turned into “The Black Tornado”… a wildly energetic, submissive peeing, leash reactive hellion. Having visitors to the house or taking her on a walk was a nightmare. Not knowing what to do, THEY WERE FRUSTRATED. Dog training helped them to live a more satisfying life with their dog.

Fast forward a few decades and I began working hands on with large groups of dogs at a local doggy daycare. I’ve spent the last 10 years monitoring dog play and expanding my knowledge on dog body language. I'm confident that I can help you better understand dog language and give you the tools you need to lead your dog... Allowing for a more enjoyable life together!

My husband and I live in Stoughton, WI with our 5 dogs. We implement a structured life style for our dogs and utilize tools such as slip-leads, prong collars, e-collars, treats, praise & toys in a real life dog training style. We've fostered for Fetch now for several years and throughout that time we've taken in dogs that were human aggressive, dog reactive, fearful, anxious, leash reactive and wicked smart. I’ve grown to love taking on the more difficult cases - working with them like they’re my own and successfully placing them into safe, loving homes.

I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it. I’d love to help you with your dog.