QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with dogs! ✔️ Walks well on leash! ✔️Great running buddy! ❌ Chewer

German Shepherd Mix|male|1 year old|63 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 5: Woody has been on a medical hold because we discovered he had elbow dysplasia in both legs and needed surgery. He is now at the end of his recovery and ready to start looking for his forever home again! The vet says that Woody has many happy and active years ahead of him. Woody should not need any more medical procedures for his legs, but will need to keep pounding on his legs to a minimum to prevent arthritis from developing. So he can still go on walks and to the dog park, but will not be able to be an agility dog. Woody has also made strides with his confidence around strangers. It still takes him a little bit to gain the trust of strangers, but he is showing more interest in approaching strangers and allowing them to pet him. We also discovered that Woody is great with cats! He is such a snuggly, goofy boy and would love to get to know you!

Pupdate 4: Woody continues to open up with us! In the morning he loves to crawl super close to my face and shower me with kisses. He can be such a couch potato sometimes, but also loves to run around the yard with our other big dogs. We are continuing to expose him to strangers as much as we can to try to work through his anxiety around new people. He can be very timid around new people, but does not become aggressive when nervous. He will often just run to his crate as this is his safe space, or he will move closer to someone that he is comfortable with.  It is a slow process, but with lots of treats and patience we hope he will get there. 

Pupdate 3: Woody is settling into his new foster home really well! At first he was timid and didn’t want any humans to touch him. Once he was introduced to the other dogs in the home, he started to let his personality shine! He loves to run around the in the backyard, but also loves to snuggle up next to you on the couch. He even has the cutest little puppy snore. He had one accident when he first got here, but he has taken to our routine quickly and has not had any other accidents. He is crate trained and his crate is his safe place when he gets startled by a loud noise. He is also great about sharing toys and bones with the other dogs. He would make a family very happy,you just have to give him some time to earn your trust and then he will show you his goofy and affectionate side! 

Pupdate 2: Woody has had a lot of “first’s" in the last month! He has made tremendous progress with house training, having only one accident. He finally got the big snowfall we’ve all been waiting for and loved jumping and rolling around in the white wonderland. We’ve been working on “sitting” for a treat, and he is an absolute pro at catching treats and tennis balls. He met a little puppy for the first time and was so sweet and playful with her. He met a cat too over the holidays and had no issues with her either. He has even become quite the protector, barking at any strangers that come to the house. We are so proud of him! I think Woody would do great in a home by himself, but he would be especially happy in a home with other dogs. He loves exercise so it would be good for him to have a backyard to roam or someone to go on runs with. He can’t wait to be with his forever family!

Pupdate 1: This poor boy has clearly had a rough go before coming to Fetch and is in need of an extra loving family in his forever home. When he first got to his foster home, he was very cautious and scared of just about any loud noise. He has opened up tremendously over the last few weeks and its been fun seeing his personality come out. Especially when he greets us with a big tongue-out smile and wagging tail! 

Woody is such a sweet and mellow pup. I have rarely ever heard him bark and he gets along great with the other big dog in the house and the neighbor dog as well. His favorite activities are playing with toys, receiving a nice belly rub, and snuggling up for a nap. His fur is so soft you could pet him all day long! He is still working on house training, but has been eating on a regular schedule and does great on the leash for walks or runs.