Whippet von Kester

QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with other dogs! ✔️ Can free roam when alone! ✔️Good on leash! ✔️ House trained! ❌ No kids or cats!

whippet Mix|male|6.5 years old|32 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Whippet has settled in to his foster home so smoothly in the past two weeks. He’s so full of snuggles, tail wags, curiosity, and love. He LOVES walks, car rides, and general adventuring. We’ve discovered that when he gets really excited, he dances! We call him “Happy Feet” because he just can’t stop! It’s just too cute. (You can see his happy feet gearing up in one of the newer photos). We’ve also discovered that his favorite toys are big plush ones. He like to nose them around and snuggle them. Blue elephant is his new favorite cuddle buddy. 

Whippet was around a child (3.5 years) while in our care. The child arrived unexpectedly and, though Whippet was clearly uncomfortable and nervous (ears back, trying to stay away), he listened to us perfectly, and laid on a blanket near us while the child was on the other side of the room. To help Whippet feel comfortable and safe, a home with no children would be best for him. He deserves a space that he can be his goofy, happy self all the time!

In our daily life, Whippet is coming out of his shell. His personality is the perfect combination of a chill friend who is happy to snuggle and a pal that will follow you on any adventure. We’re SO happy to get to spend our time with him; he’s such an easygoing, beautifully gentle companion (plus he’s the easiest foster dog ever!). If you’re looking for a well-trained dog who will stick by your side and give you all his affection, Whippet is perfect for you!

Pupdate 1: Whippet is the most relaxed pup a foster could ask for! He wakes up whenever his humans do, eats his breakfast, and settles in for whatever love and attention he can get. If his humans are busy getting ready for the day, he posts up by the big bay window and watches the wildlife outside. When we leave for work (about 8-9 hours per day), Whippet freely roams the house with our resident dog (though we think they're mostly napping, like the whippets they are!). When we get home from work, both dogs are ready for some playtime in the yard and then come in for dinner and lots of belly rubs.

Whippet is very mellow, but can be standoffish around new adults. He has never been aggressive or even rude, but he does take about 10 minutes to warm up to a new person. Once he knows you're just there to love on him, he's all about snuggles! Whippet DOES NOT like children. He's very anxious around them, which is why he was surrendered after his previous family had a baby. He should be in a home where he can relax and live his best life worry-free!

Whippet is up for anything his humans want to do. As a whippet mix, this boy loves to run in an open, fenced-in yard or park! Though he loves running, he's also super excited about walks or hikes. His previous family did a lot of outdoor activities, so Whippet knows commands like "on the path" and "here." He also just loves to lounge. One walk a day or some free roaming time is all this boy needs to live a happy, exercised life.

Whippet has lived with dogs for a while now, so he's very used to them. He enjoys being around them and seeing what they're up to, but doesn't play or wrestle with them. He's ok around dogs of all ages (a puppy got all up in his face at the vet and he just stood there wagging his tail like a good boy). Whippet SHOULD NOT be in a home with cats. He is VERY curious and becomes fixated on them for hours. We kept him in a separate room as the cat, and he was outside of the door sniffing and whining for a good hour.

Whippet gets free roam of the house when we're gone for any amount of time. He's fully potty trained and doesn't chew on anything but rawhides or other doggie snacks. He's not really interested in toys, so he mostly just hangs out watching the wildlife pass by. The only time he growls or barks is when he sees someone approach the house. We're working on it, and he's improved to just growling, but it is something to be aware of if you live in an apartment!

Whippet should be in a home without kids. He was surrendered due to anxiety and skittishness around a baby. He should also be in a home without cats due to fixation. Otherwise, he's all good!

Whippet is an incredibly affectionate, well-trained dog. He would love to be adopted into a comfortable home where he can relax and get showered with the love he deserves.