QUICK FACTS: ✔️ House trained! ✔️ Good with other dogs! ✔️Good with older kids! ✔️Good running buddy! ❌ No cats!

terrier Mix|male|10 years old|60 lbs|Adoption Fee $200

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Tyson has been with us for about 2 months now and he’s settled in great. Recently he came along on vacation with us and had a blast running around in the woods and playing with a new dog friend. He did very well in the car (7 hours each way!). Just a few more facts about Mr. T:

He’s not food or object possessive at all, with humans or other dogs. He’ll let you take toys right out of his mouth with the “drop” command. He is an A+ snuggler. His second favorite thing (car rides and walks are tied for first favorite) is to curl up right next to you on the couch.

I can’t emphasize enough how much this dog does not act 10 years old. He’s still got a ton of pep and I’d imagine many healthy years left!

Tyson does still jump and bark at people when they first walk in the door. It’s basically just his way of saying hi but it’s still rude and we’re working on the “place” command. Crate training is going well! He now can stay in a regular crate for ~30 min without whining or trying to get out. He’s still perfectly fine to free roam when no one is home.

Pupdate 2: Tyson has been with us a few weeks now and he continues to be a great dog! Mr. T is a fantastic snuggle buddy—great for upcoming cold weather! As soon as you sit down on the couch he’ll jump up and curl up right next to you. And if you let him, he likes to sleep under the covers! If you want more personal space, all you have to do is shove him off the couch/bed and he doesn’t try to climb back up until you invite him.

We’ve also started working on crate training and it’s going pretty well. At first when Tyson saw the crate he’d run away, but now he eats all his meals in the crate so he isn’t scared of it anymore. Speaking of things Tyson’s not scared of, he is totally unfazed by thunderstorms, the vacuum and other loud noises. He’ll even let the Roomba run right into his feet! Tyson should not go to a home with cats but he does get along great with most dogs. Last weekend he had a playdate with a puppy and had a blast! I think the puppy tired out quicker than Tyson did! 

Pupdate 1: “Wait, that dog is TEN? Are you sure?" --multiple people upon meeting Tyson.

Despite his age, Tyson still has loads of pep and lots of love to give. He's lived in a house his whole life, which means he's completely housetrained, and already knows a few tricks including sit, down and shake! Tyson is good with other dogs, even small dogs. He previously lived with a 10-lb dog and currently lives with another dog his size. He's also good with older kids---he actually loves kids but due to his size and strength would be best with kids 10+. Sometimes I have to remind him that he's too big to be a lapdog. Tyson barks when new people come into the house but settles down quickly. We're also working on not jumping on new people. Probably Tyson's only quirk is that he can be destructive if confined and can escape a regular crate--however, we're able to let him roam the house free when we're gone and there's been no issues whatsoever. Still, a potential adopter should be prepared to purchase an escape-proof crate. Other than that, he's pretty medium energy--loves walks but won't chew though your couch out of boredom if you have to skip one. He's good on a leash and a good running buddy! Pulls a bit but a no-pull harness helps tremendously. Tyson likes to play with bones, tennis balls, Kongs, ropes and soft toys. We essentially haven't found a toy he doesn't like. He'll sometimes play fetch if he's in the right mood! Overall Tyson is a great dog who needs a family to love on. He'd be happy with another dog sibling to play with but I think he'd also be happy with all the attention on him!