teddy bear

QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with kids! ✔️ Can free roam when alone! ✔️Good with other dogs! ✔️Good for beginner dog owner!

Silver Lab|male|9 years old|92 lbs|Adoption Fee $200

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Teddy continues to be as sweet as can be! He has gotten totally spoiled to indoor life. He had a great first Christmas off the farm with his extended foster family. He celebrated with 18 adults, 10 kids, and 2 other dogs! He just soaked up all the attention he could! Teddy had pneumonia a month or so ago. He has completed treatment and is doing very well now. But the vet feels he is at risk of having lung and respiratory issues in the future. Despite his age, Teddy Bear has a lot of love left to give!!! 

Pupdate 1: Teddy is such a sweet dog! He knows "go to bed" means go to his crate. He usually does fine in his crate and just sleeps. Sometime, he just doesn't want to go in there and will bark. I have not been crating him at night for at least a month, and he has done fine. I have even started leaving him free in the house for 3-4 hours when I am not home without any issues. 

He interacts well with other dogs, but is great in his foster home where he is the only dog. He doesn't have much experience on a leash. He can pull hard (he is nearly 100lbs!) But has improved. He has been around kids down to age 2 years. He has done great with everyone he has met. He is a bit clumsy, so might knock over a smaller child; but never on purpose.

His typical day goes like this: eat breakfast, go to doggy daycare, come home, eat dinner, chew a rawhide bone, sleep on the couch until morning! He is a total lover and just wants pets! He loves everyone he has met. He rarely tries to jump up.

Teddy is low energy. He goes to daycare Mon-Fri and loves it. I'm not sure how much he actually plays. Great with dogs. He wants to chase the kitties in his foster home, but if he gets close, he just sniffs them. He seems to just be curious and the cats haven't allowed him to check them out. When left alone at home, he mostly sleeps, or he might chew a bone. Teddy was very anxious when he first came to his foster home. He had lived on a farm for 9 years, and was suddenly living indoors next to the Beltline in Madison. After 3 months of indoor life, he is the ultimate couch potato! He howls at sirens.