QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Crate trained! ✔️ House trained! ✔️Great running buddy! ✔️Good for beginner dog owner who is active!

yellow lab|female|8 months old|50 lbs|Adoption Fee $375

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Tabby has been with us for about 3 weeks now and has settled in and really become herself. She is wonderful with the kids and even helps during bath time (photo!). She does try to climb in herself, so she has to be told to sit and stay. She absolutely loves little kids and tries very hard to be gentle with them. She is very concerned about them, and tries to "nanny" them by waiting for them to catch up on walks when they lollygag or stop for something, cuddling with them at bedtime, helping to wake them in the morning with kisses, and she is very concerned about them when they cry (she is immediately right with them and covers them with kisses and checks them over). 

She has been sleeping out of her kennel this week, and has been very good, however, we close her in the bedroom, so she doesn't have free run of the house. She cuddles extremely close. She has also been sleeping in the bedroom/bathroom during the day so she has a bit more room to wander. This seems to have helped her calm down a bit more in the afternoon when we are home, she isn't quite a cooped up so she doesn't have as much pent up energy.  We are still working on counter surfing, so I would not trust her to have free range of the house because she would steal off the counters. 

She has been doing well with her commands. Her recall is very good as long as there isn't a bunny in the yard (she reacts well to the beeping collar though). She has been good about not chasing the cat when she runs (still sometimes needs a warning not to start), and she has gotten very good at "drop it" even from across the room so when she does pick up the wrong toy she drops it right away when we tell her to. She does pretty well with "sit" but when she is excited her "sits" are very short, so we are working to help her with that. 

Overall she has been so super these last 2 weeks. We have only had 1 mishap with an item that shouldn't be eaten (playball from the ball pit, all the pieces were collected.) I should have checked what she was chewing on, I thought she had a bone. She will be a great addition to any family, but I really think she would like one with kids! 

Pupdate 2: Tabby has been with us for one week and has been entertaining. She has not had a single accident and is very good at letting us know when she needs to go out. She has been practicing sitting and waiting until she is told it is time to eat, even with a full food bowl in front of her. She has also done pretty well with the kids (ages 1 and 3), with only a couple minor instances of stepping on feet when she gets too excited or knocking them down when excited. She just doesn't understand how big she is.

Tabby has done well with our cats as long as they don't run. She would be fine with a dog experienced cat. She is very busy/nosy and should have access to things to keep her busy all the time. She LOVES kongs and things to chew, and is great at playing fetch with both balls and frisbees. She is a very fast learner and has already picked up on "leave it" and "back up," and we are working on not grabbing things off tables/counters, and not jumping on people. She is very focused, and a good listener. She would do well with training that would give her something to think about (ie a job, agility, hunting, etc.) 

Tabby is full of love and compassion. I have been shocked at how she has taken to the kids. She wants to check on them at night, is immediately by their side if someone starts to cry, and lays by the 1-year-old during diaper changes. She loves to cuddle with them during story time at night and wants to play with them. That being said, she doesn't know how strong she is, so she has pulled them over during games of tug. 

Pupdate 1: If you can imagine the happiest dog ever - that's Tabby! She's an energetic 8 month old yellow lab with lots of love and wiggles to bestow upon the world. She loves playing - with toys, with other dogs, with her humans. She's a great walking and jogging buddy, and even though the resident dog taught her how to play keep away, she's a pretty great fetcher. Tabby is a typical lab - she's happy, smart, and full of energy. If you are an active family who is excited to do some training to keep her body and mind engaged - this is the puppy for you!

As the old saying goes, Tabby has never met a stranger. She loves all people, maybe a little too much. She's working on not jumping when she sees new people. She's lived with kids and has done great meeting them at events. She's in her teenage, awkward phase where she's a bit bigger than she realizes; so some supervision with the tiniest of humans who might be accidentally run over by her is recommended.

This young lady has a lot of energy and will be perfect for an active family. She's a great running buddy, and does very well walking/running on a leash with a prong collar. She's a little too strong for a flat collar, and the prong collar helps her to keep focus and not pull and hurt herself.

Tabby does great with other dogs! She plays really well, not too rough, and she responds well to corrections from other dogs and doesn't try to play with dogs who don't want to play with her. Cats, TBD.

She is crate trained, and happily heads to her crate for meal times and when it's time for the humans to leave. This is a must, so that she doesn't get herself into trouble while no one is around.

Tabby came to us because of a bladder leaking issue. When sleeping, or relaxed, her bladder would leak (though she is fully potty trained!). Diagnostics can be pretty pricey, and a potential surgery with a specialist even more so; Fetch works hard to have the resources to help out in cases like this. Luckily, as she got older, symptoms pointed to a problem that could be controlled by medication so we started her on that - and it's worked! She takes Proin with breakfast and dinner; her dosage costs about $40/month.