QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with kids, cats, and other dogs! ✔️ Good in car! ✔️ Walks well on leash! ✔️ Good for beginner dog owner!

pointer Mix|male|6 months old|29 lbs|Adoption Fee $375

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Stu recently started day care at the Dog Den. He fit in so well right off the bat that one of the guys working said he forgot it was Stu's first day.  He had so much fun playing with his new friends and came home completely pooped out.  

We have also started some basic obedience with Stu and he is catching on very quickly.  He has been working on "sit", "down" and "leave it".  He is very food motivated and engaged in training.  He has also been making progress with crate and potty training.  He is a super sweet dude that will bring so much love to his forever home!

Pupdate 1: Stu wakes up around 6:30 am when his foster mom gets up to start the day. He goes out with the other dogs to go potty and then gets breakfast. He then plays with the other dogs until its time for foster mom to go to work. Then he gets crated with a kong. He does ok in the crate but initially will whine/bark. Foster mom stops home at lunch to let him out to potty. His crate is usually dry after four hours. He plays for a bit and then back into the crate. When foster mom gets home, he will play some more, have some dinner and then play/snuggle the rest of the night. He loves playing chase and wrestling with the other dogs and also loves all sorts of toys. At bedtime he settles in quickly in his crate to go to bed. We still have the crate pretty close to our bed which helps him settle in. He sleeps through the night in the crate with no potty breaks.

Stu has never met a stranger. He loves meeting people and will happily approach them for attention. He made lots of new friends when we took him for a visit to Octopi Brewing. He did great in the taproom and made friends with dogs and people alike. He also confidently walked down Monroe St. just prior to commencement and he was totally fine. He did keep stopping and begging for attention from people though so you may have to allow for a bit more time to get places when he is along. He had a child in his foster home in Louisiana and has met several children while he has been with us. He is very interested in them and was very polite in approaching them. He will give lots of kisses. He can be mouthy when he gets excited mostly so should be supervised with younger kids. Stu is a medium energy pup. He needs the opportunity to run and play and get his wiggles out but he loves to snuggle in at the end of the day. We have a fenced yard so he gets most of his exercise running around the yard or wrestling with his puppy friends.

He loves other pups and gets very excited to interact. He can be a bit in your face with new pups because he gets so excited and wants to engage in play but does adjust his interest based on the feedback/corrections he gets from other pups. Overall I would say he is pretty submissive. He loves to wrestle and play chase. He does have two kitties in his foster home. He is very interested in playing with them and will bite/paw at them to try and engage in play (like he does with the other dogs) but he has never been aggressive with them. Kitties that set boundaries or that enjoying playing with pups would a good fit with Stu. Stu doesn't like being left alone. He does pretty well in the crate at night when he is crated next to the bed but during the day he whines and barks for awhile before he settles in. An apartment may be a challenge unless you have understanding neighbors. He is also still working on potty training and not chewing fun things like shoes so he shouldn't be left to roam free when alone. Once he is potty trained and out of his chewing phase, I think he would do fine being left out of the crate.

Stu was pulled from a very rural shelter in Louisiana. At the time, he had an infected neck from where his collar had been embedded. That has healed and the fur has mostly grown in but he does have some splotchy/itchy fur and rough coat in some areas. We have started him on a few supplements (salmon oil and kelp flakes) to help improve his skin and coat. 

Stu is the kind of pup that you can take with you anywhere. He does awesome in the car and is totally comfortable in the hustle and bustle of busy streets and dog friendly bars/patio areas. His tail literally wags in circles when he meets people. He just needs some practice with basic manners to give him structure in situations where he gets really excited. He is a very special and resilient pup that would do well in any home.