german shepherd Mix|male|1.5 years old|59 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Scraggs is doing just great! He’s very mellow & laid back for a shepherd puppy but is playful. Loves to get his belly rubbed and plays really well with the other dogs. His foster sister Breezy actually has gotten attached to him, and she follows him both outside and from room to room :)

Pupdate 2: Scraggs is a very happy dog that’s had a rough beginning to life. But he’s become a healthy, thriving dog who is still very much a puppy and loves to play. He is a very gentle dog, although his size can give some pause, and may do better with older children. He plays great with kids, has been socialized with my children (both 10) that he lives with as well as family members as young as 1 & 4. He can occasionally play a little rough with dogs that are much smaller than him, but he’s a big puppy who doesn’t always know his size. Given his breed and young age, I would say he’s extremely mellow, as long as he has a yard to run in and someone to cuddle. He’s completely house broken and crate trained; he can be left out for short times without doing any damage, as long as he has chew toys available. He’s a fantastic dog that will give all the love back to a family that he has.

Pupdate 1: Scraggs is a sweet and happy dog who has just the right amount of energy to be playful without being hyper. He does great with people of all ages, he’s been exposed to children and is very good playing with kids. Scraggs also likes to play with other dogs, and it’s adorable to watch him be gentle with the tiny resident dog we have. He’s very smart, he’s great at walking on a leash without pulling; he knows commands like sit and down, and he’s working on a few more. Scraggs is such a good boy, he will be a wonderful addition to any family that’s ready for a ton of love and loyalty!