QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with other similarly sized dogs! ✔️ Crate trained! ✔️ Great running buddy! ✔️ Needs an experienced dog owner. ❌ No cats!

mastiff/terrier Mix|male|3 years old|65 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Sampson needs an experienced dog owner who can continue to work with him. He willingly crates up but I am working on him howling while crated. If left out, he likes to chew and rip up fabric. I am currently taking him to training to work with him on his stranger danger which is why he needs someone experienced or willing to learn. He is liable to bite if whoever adopts him doesn’t read his body language and anxiety around strangers (especially men). It takes him 24-48 hours to adjust to a man. Women he is fine with in about 10-15 minutes. He is a very active dog. Loves to run and hike and has stamina for days. He needs a home that is willing to commit to his high activity level. It keeps his anxiety levels down and he loves it. He is extremely smart and is willing to learn but has a stubborn streak! For the most part I haven’t seen aggression towards other dogs. It is probably best he is not in a home with small dogs though. He tends to treat my small resident dog like a chew toy. He is a big cuddler and my shadow!

Pupdate 2: Sampson is finally settling in after a week with me! His anxiety is getting better every day. He still does not like to be crated and shreds anything placed in the crate with him. Once he is let out he goes a little crazy for a bit and tears around the house. He whips his tail around so much he has broken the skin at the tip of his tail.   We have been working on his jumping, sitting still, and his leash manners. He does great with my big resident dog but treats my small resident dog like a chew toy. She puts him in his place and he will then leave her alone for a bit. Sampson is very sweet and loves to cuddle. He does not like strangers on the property or coming into the house. But after about 5 minutes he settles down after being introduced. 

Pupdate 1: Hi, I'm Sampson. I'm somewhere around 3-4 years old and I was rescued in Texas from an owner who abused me. Because of this, I can be apprehensive about new people -  particularly men. I warmed up to my foster mom right away but it took my foster dad a few hours of patient ignoring for me to warm up to him. I was fostered in Texas for a year, where I was neutered and taught how to live with a family. I learned what cats were, and found out that I'm very interested in them, but they aren't in me. I also got to know a few kids and both my Texas and Wisconsin fosters suggest I don't go to a home with small children, I just don't know how to control my size. When I moved up to Wisconsin, I didn't know what snow is, but I sure did learn! I found out that I'm definitely a summer dog because I have a lot of energy so walks and playing are a must. After playing though, I'm always down to snuggle the rest of the night. I quickly learned that a treat meant kennel time, and so sometimes I sit next to the kennel to try and trick my fosters into giving me a treat. They never fall for it. I do like playing with other dogs, but sometimes I can get a little rough and can be a bit intense when toys are available. My fosters love me, I give the best snuggles, and are looking for a special home for me to thrive.