QUICK FACTS: High energy ✔️ Good with adults and teenagers! ✔️ Loves to run! ❌ No young children! ❌ Needs to be only dog

plott hound|male|8 years old|89 lbs

Updates from Owners: 

Pupdate 1: This is Sam! He is a Plott hound through and through (possibly purebred). He was rescued through a friend as a puppy and has been with his dog Mom ever since. If you googled Plott hound, you would find his picture front and center. Plott hounds are not common in this area of the country. We learned that they are used to hunt bears, but we have never done any kind of hunting whatsoever with him. He has only been our stinky, loveable beast.

About Sam:

Sam is eight years old. He is still high energy, likes to make his presence known, but is very sweet and affectionate. He likes licking our faces and getting his belly scratched in return. He gets very excited when we come home from work, or when his doggy grandparents come to visit him. The same goes for random visitors, like the occasional repair technician. That being said, once he adjusts to the new guest, he becomes very calm.

Sam likes walks, but loves to run off-leash in big open spaces even more (He can really run!). Ideally, he would be happy with any large fenced in space that he could run around in and explore. He cannot go to the dog park though, he was bitten twice on two separate trips. He was not the instigator in either event. He currently has a large fenced-in yard that he loves. In the summer, He would live out there if he could. He loves to play fetch, and will do so for as long as you have time.

Sam is having a hard time adjusting to our 17 month old son, and he needs a home where he is the only dog, and the center of attention. He also lives with two cats that he tolerates, but sometimes gets a bit agitated with. There has never been any serious incident between them, just the occasional bark to let them know he is getting his food. He is great with other people, but it does take a few minutes of barking and running around to get used to anyone new coming into the house. Once he feels comfortable, he is perfectly happy and wants to play with them.

He would do well with kids over the age of 12, but not any younger. We love Sam dearly, but we think it would be best for both him and our family if once again, he was the star of the show in another home. If you show him love he will return it ten-fold, unconditionally.