QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with kids and other dogs! ✔️ Crate trained! ✔️ Good in car! ✔️ Walks well on leash! ✔️ Great running buddy!

lab/terrier Mix|female|2 years old|55 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Sage is a bright, Southern girl who came from Georgia to find her forever home.  Apart from her good looks, Sage is quite the smart dog.  She is quick to learn obedience skills, and tricks.  She sits, stays, shakes, lays down, and has learned to wait at a doorway until you give her permission to cross which prevents any risks of taking off when you are not looking.  Sage is mastering her length of time in a stayed position and is getting better at dropping the ball when playing fetch.  Sage walks very well on a leash, with her prong collar, which keeps her focused on you. 

Sage is very friendly and loves to meet others.  She happily wants to greet children and other dogs on her walks.  She has not been cat tested at this time.  Sage follows her foster family around the house, is eager to please, and loves to earn treats.  She is crate trained and house trained as well.  Sage is playful and loves to tear apart stuffed animals and chew on her bones.  She loves riding in a car.

She is a smart girl and needs stimulation and activity.  Sage will do well as an only dog, but would probably appreciate the companionship of another dog to play with and burn off some energy.  She is a medium to high energy sweetie.

Sage has recently shown some resource guarding that we are working on.  She responds quickly to correction.  Sage may push limits at times to see if the boundaries are the same and needs to be redirected in a positive way. 

Sage will do very well with someone who is strong leader that will continue to support her obedience training and challenge her intellect.  She has incredible potential for advanced training if interested.  

Sage will make a loving and devoted family member.