QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with kids, cats, and other dogs! ✔️ Crate trained! ✔️ Good in car! ✔️ Good for beginner dog owner!

Schnauzer Mix|female|6 months old|13 lbs|Adoption Fee $375

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Rue is a sassy girl with lots of love, energy, and attitude to go around! She absolutely loves being the center of your world and wants nothing more than lots of kids, puppies, or cats to play with (although the cats don't always like her). Every night before bed she must play with every single one of her dog toys and take them out of their box. She's working on learning how to put them all back when she's done :) Rue is great with humans and children. She mostly just wants to be by you and either snuggle or play all day. Rue is a small, high energy dog. She'd like to have at least one walk per day and 15-20 minutes of play time to tucker herself out. Rue currently lives with another dog and several cats with no issues. Because she is small, playful, and sometimes rambunctious we are still working on her manners when they don't want to play with her. Rue will whine and cry the first few minutes you are gone, but after that she settles down. We are still working with her on respecting gates and other boundaries that are put in place when we leave the room. She also knows basic commands like sit, come, and wait. She does enjoy being in her crate and taking naps there.