QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with kids and other dogs! ✔️ Crate trained! ✔️ Good in car ✔️ Good for beginner dog owner!

lab/hound Mix|female|4 years old|50 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: If I would describe Ruby in three words, it would be ‘happy, active goofball’. She has been with us for a week and has really settled in well. The vet recently estimated her age at 4 years though she behaves like she’s a lot younger, more like a 1y old. I’d classify her as medium-high energy. Her tail is *always* wagging and if you want to play or go for a walk, she’s right by your side. She loves being outside and she currently gets at least 1h outdoors time per day which is necessary for her to work off energy. She would be an awesome hiking or running buddy with some training. In the evenings, she loves to snuggle and will fall asleep right beside or partially on top of you. 

Your breed guess is as good as ours but we’ve observed some characteristics which make us believe that she’s at least partially a hunting dog. She loves sniffing everything and is very interested in anything that’s moving on walks. She also has this habit of carrying a trophy toy up and down the apartment when she’s happy. She loves toys and chews but doesn’t chew on anything that she’s not supposed to. Her coat is short but thick, however, she does not shed a lot right now. Her coloring is very unique, somewhere between chocolate brown, red and tan with white markings, off-white socks and a white tail tip! 

Ruby is working on leash walking and commands. We don’t believe that she was walked at all before she came to us. She can pull quite a bit because she gets excited by all the smells and sounds. We have been working with a prong collar and have seen tremendous improvement in just a few days. She knows ‘sit’ and we are working on ‘place’ to give her a tool to control her excitement. She is smart and is making a lot of progress within just a few days. We are sure that she’d be great in obedience class and maybe even agility training though she is a bit uncoordinated. She would love the exercise though! She is not scared or fazed by anything and is just curious about and happy with any challenge that you give her. 

Ruby is completely housebroken and crate-trained, we crate her during the night and our workday. She is very good with other dogs. She is polite when greeting them but if a dog has the same energy level, she’ll be up for a good romp. She has never shown any aggression even if other dogs get in her face. Ruby does also very well with all humans. She has met a baby and a few younger kids and has been great with them, she hasn’t had longer exposure to kids though. She really just wants to be your best friend and loves to be petted and cuddled. She is very gentle and loves giving kisses. 

Do you have a place in your home for this sweet, lovable, goofy, amazing girl?