American English Coonhound |female|3.5 years old|45 lbs|Adoption Fee $325 

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 5: We have had Rose for almost a month. Her personality is coming out alot more. She loves the couch! Sometimes she even steals your spot on the couch too but she loves to snuggle so she let's you squeeze right in next to her. If she's not on the couch she rests pretty comfortably on her bed. She seemed to really like the snow but only for a short time because it's just getting way to cold out for her. I'm working on getting her some booties to make her a little more comfortable when she's outside. She can definitely still be a challenge but what hound isn't! Who is ready to snuggle this sweet gal?

Pupdate 4: We had a training session with Kaitlin from Kane9 on Sunday. It really helped build my confidence with working with her. She recommended a wire crate over an enclosed plastic one. It has helped so far. We don't leave a leash on her anymore when she is in there. My husband is building his confidence with her as well. When he lets her out of the crate, he sits next to the crate and lets her come to him. Overall she is completely fine with him, she doesn't like when you reach over her(she was never aggressive just scared) and I believe that was part of the problem. 

I don't want people to be discouraged by her history. She is doing great, it took her about a week and a half to adjust so if you decide to adopt her I would give her some time. She is incredibly sweet but just needs some guidance. 

Pupdate 3: She still has some resource guarding with her crate. I leave her training/e-collar on and a leash on her at all times while she is in there to smooth the transition to our home, I have been able to remove the training collar at night to charge it and she does fine. My husband has been having difficulty with her in general but especially with the crate. She is very scared of him. A home with men should be okay (she has been around men at a previous foster and at the trainer and seemed to do fine, but they are little more experienced with difficult dogs). She will need time to adjust to him.

I think she would do best without cats, she is really interested in our cat. (unless you are an experienced owner and feel you could work on that with her.) She has attempted to chase multiple times. She may just be curious but I haven't allowed any interaction yet. It was mentioned previously that she was quiet, but she is definitely not quiet. She likes to bark in her kennel but if you correct her, she quiets down. I have not had any issues with feeding her, she has had some issues with resource guarding food but we have not seen that from her. I don't feed her around our dog or cat and she prefers to eat in her kennel. She loves her food!

Potty training is going well. She isn't fully trained but with regular trips outside she has been doing good for us. She was a strong leash puller and that was another reason she went to a trainer. She needs a prong collar on to go outside and to go on walks. She still needs a little work with that but overall walks have been really good.

I also think she would do better with more mellow dogs. Our dog is pretty energetic and on first interaction she seemed pretty overwhelmed by him. We will continue to work with her and we hope she will find a home willing to do the same. The trainer she was with is very hopeful on her progress and thinks Rose will find her forever home! The trainer is also willing to do a consult with her new owner to help continue the training and make her successful in her new home! She has really warmed up to me in the short time we have had her and she is overall a really sweet girl and she will make someone very happy!

Pupdate 2: Rose is spending some time training with Kane9 Dog Training and Advocacy of Madison, WI increasing her confidence and learning some doggy manners. We can't wait to see what new tricks she'll have up her sleeves when she returns to foster care. Will you let her impress you?

Pupdate 1: Rose is all about wearing clothes when it's cold outside because of her thin skin. We've started to notice that she's a bit resource protective - she prefers to eat and drink while she's left alone. Can you blame her? Shelter life doesn't sound like it treated this girl very well. She's hoping for an adopter who's understanding of her past and willing to be patient until she comes around to them... Is that you?