Jack Russell Terrier Mix|male|5 months old|15 lbs|Adoption Fee $375

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 4: Raven is really coming out of his shell and building his confidence every day. He has finally decided the kids in his foster home aren't so bad. He will wag his tail and interact and enjoy some play time with them.  He is still a little thrown off if they move fast or surprise him.  He loves long walks with all of his dog friends. He can easily walk 2-3 miles and still want to play a little when he gets home.  Kennel training is going well.  When he is told to "kennel" he will go straight to his kennel and sit nice and wait for his treat before laying down.  He loves to cuddle and be close and a warm lap is one of his favorite places. His second favorite place just might be playing in the snow! This white stuff just really gets him going and he will run laps around the yard and jump around. Raven is a very happy, well-mannered puppy; he just needs a little time to warm up before he shows you his spunky, fun-loving personality.

Pupdate 3:
Raven recently switched foster homes and is learning all sorts of new things.  Raven is a super sweet loving pup but takes time to warm up.  He's a little unsure of things in the world and needs a family to help him work on his confidence.  Loud noises tend to surprise and startle him. He will bark loudly for just a little bit but is doing that less and less as he gets more use to his new surroundings.  We have also found that raven prefers adults over kids. Kids are a thing in this world hes really trying to figure out. Hes not sure if they are trustworthy yet.  He does have two children in his foster home a five year old and eleven year old.  The oldest child is working every day trying to win Raven over its a slow process but Raven is making progress all the time.  He has even warmed up more to the five year old and isn't as startled by his movements. He could live with children but those children would need to understand Raven and his space and how to win him over. He is working on walking on a leash but loves to pull so its a work in progress. When we are out for walks i have found that people with hats on sunglasses on tend to upset him. I think its because he can't make out the face and it bothers him.  It's hard being a little dog when almost everything is bigger than you.  That is getting better with time though.  He came to his foster home liking to chew on hands this habit has gotten better as well. He still gets a little excited and tries to nibble when you pet him or when you first get home and he greets you but he gets told no and stops for the most part sometimes he needs a reminder though. He also gets very excited when you come home! He gets a little noisy in his kennel when we first get in but we wait until hes done making noises to let him out. He is a tricky boy and has actually let himself out of a kennel once! He was so proud of himself too!  He has a lot of energy for a little pup. We are currently up to walking a little more than a mile a day. With how much energy he seems to have left at the end I think he could easily do twice that and be happy. He loves being outside and enjoys his walk time. 

Pupdate 2: Hey everyone! I have grown so much, both physically and mentally! I have gotten much better at walking on a leash, and I love going on hikes! I have also gotten better at meeting people! If they give me a treat, I will love them forever! I am a super snuggly, fun pup and I am so excited to find my furever family!

Pupdate 1: Hi! My name’s Raven. I love other dogs (of all sizes!) and cats. I can be a little timid with new people at first, but once I warm up to you I will climb all over you, adults, teens, and kids alike! Once I’m done playing, I love to curl up in someone's lap! I sleep through the night in my crate, and will even sleep in a little during the weekend! I’m good in a car, and love to go into pet friendly stores! I am working on potty training, but if I’m kept on a schedule, I don’t have any accidents! Although, I do have a little bit of a hard time telling my people that I need to go out, but my foster parents have learned my cues. I have mastered sit, lay down, come and I’m working on roll over and stay. I am getting better at leash training, but I will follow my foster parents wherever, with or without a leash! I haven’t quite mastered going down stairs, but I’m totally okay with being carried down! I stay in my crate when no ones home, and I have no problem going in (especially if a KONG’s involved!). I’d be good in a home or an apartment, as long as my furever family is there with me! I love to make people laugh and smile! I’m a very curious puppy, and I can’t wait to meet my furever family!