QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Very quiet! ✔️ Great in a crate! ✔️Walks well on leash! ✔️Great for beginner dog owner!

American Eskimo/Spitz Mix|Female|7 Years old|25 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Princess (aka poof n’ floof) is a sweet, shy, low key pup looking for her forever home!  Princess has been in her foster home for two weeks now. It has taken her some time to come out of her shell, and she’s mostly been content relaxing in her kennel, even when she has the option to roam the house.  Her kennel is her safe space, and she’s more than happy to go into her kennel at night or when her foster parents are not home. With time, I think she will start to venture out more and will enjoy relaxing in a comfy dog bed.  Princess has now started greeting her foster parents with a smile and a tail wag when they get home from work.

Princess currently lives with her more rambunctious foster siblings.  She gets along with them though chooses not to interact with them much either.  So far she hasn’t shown any interest in playing with them. Princess is very human focused. Princess would do just fine as an only pup, or with dog siblings that respect her space.

Princess is a pretty low-energy dog, but she does love her walks! And her beautiful coat is perfect for being out in the Wisconsin winter weather.  Overall, Princess is a healthy dog, but the vet did recommend she lose about 5 lbs, as she is a little overweight.  Princess loves hanging out in our backyard watching the world go by. She’s a very quiet pup, and we’ve yet to hear her bark.

One thing a potential adopter should know is that so far, Princess is not willing to go potty on walks or when people are around.  She will go potty when left out in the backyard by herself, but is not comfortable going on walks. This may change over time, as she continues to become more comfortable in her new home.

Princess’ coat doesn’t require a lot of grooming, but she will need regular brushing to keep the knots out, and some bathing and trimming from time to time.  The cool thing about the Spitz coat is that it is dirt resistant, so she can maintain her beautiful white color.