QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with cats, kids, and other dogs! ✔️ Crate trained! ✔️ Good in car! ✔️ Walks well on leash! ✔️ Good for beginner dog owner!

lab Mix|male|4 months old|15 lbs|Adoption Fee $375

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Poe wakes up at around 5:30am to go outside and then come back in to eat. After eating, he goes back outside to play/potty while I am getting ready for work for about an hour. If he asks to come in, he will usually follow me around, try and say hello to my cat or go play with his toys in the living room. He is crated while I am at work and let out midday to eat and potty. Poe typically eats around 6:30pm and is let out either in our backyard or we go on short walks to practice on the leash. He loves being outdoors and playing with his sister! Poe LOVES kids and other humans. So much so, that he needs reminders to calm down, not to jump up and smother everyone with kisses (especially the smaller hoomans). He is a quick learner and settles quickly when redirected. He is the master at "sit". He has spent time with kids 3 years + and has had short greetings with kids younger while visiting the local cafe (where he is pretty "pupular").

Poe is a medium energy/typical pup. He will have bursts of energy and then nap pretty hard. He, somehow, in the middle of his naps finds a way to inch closer and closer until he is either cuddling with his humans or another furry friend (and he has the best puppy snores). He has done pretty well while on a leash - but still learning. We are usually locked and loaded with treats where we stand like a tree, call him and he hits the restart button and on we go on. When he sees another dog, he sometimes thinks it is play time so we have been working on those manners. He also has just started showing more interest in car rides and will stick his head out for short periods before proceeding with his usual car ride nap.

Poe is a little timid at first when meeting new dogs off leash. He shows interest, but usually takes the roll over on back route. Once they become familiar he engages in play. He has met dogs ranging from a Yorkie all the way to a 90-pound Chocolate Lab and has warmed up when just given a little time. He just had his first day at doggy daycare which he did well there also! He shows a curiosity in my cat but will respectfully walk away once my cat gives the "don't mess with me" vibe. He seems to want to play/make friends with him, and it seems like he have convinced my cat to even be curious about them - as long as they don't get too close.

Poe is usually in his crate when we are away and at night since we are working on potty training. He knows the command "kennel' and will run to it because he knows it means some sort of yummy treat and/or peanut butter filled kong is coming. When I am home, I will leave him unsupervised for short periods of time - with some success / some accidents. He loves finding and chomping on the wood chips/twigs outside and he has started to chew on things in the house but once given something else to chew on, like a Nyla bone (or we call him over and practice commands), he moves on from it. He also has very easily let us take things away from him, but sometimes with a little keep away first.

Poe SCARFS down his food so we have been working on "sit" and "stay" before meal times and he is awesome at it (and it is kind of hilarious the drool bubbles that form when he does). He also just started to understand "lay down", which I believe food is definitely his main motivator. I think he will continue to learn quickly if given more methods to eat a little more slowly. I think Poe is a really adaptable pup and would transition well in any family as long as he gets lots of love, attention, rules and exercise. He really has his own unique personality and wants to please.