QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with dogs! ✔️ Good with cats! ✔️ Walks great on leash! ✔️ Crate trained!

Mini Collie Mix|male|3.5 Months old|9 lbs|Adoption Fee $375

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Pickles has been doing so well in the last week! He’s very happy to meet any new people and dogs. He’s getting really good at recall and we can even play in the field outside off leash. He always sticks pretty close when we’re outside and will run little circles around me. He’s a very happy puppy and plays really well with my personal dog. Pickles will even sleep up to 10 hours at night without a peep! What more could you ask for in a pup this young??

Pupdate 1:  Pickles is an extremely sweet and sensitive young boy. He came in alone as a stray in Texas when he was about 10 weeks old and then came to WI in time for the new year! Pickles is a medium energy puppy who does get the zoomies from time to time, enjoys a couple hours of play a day, but also loves naps and snuggles once he’s tired. He sleeps up to 9 hours through the night without a peep in his crate (which makes foster momma very happy!). He can also stay in his crate up to 9 hours during a work day without accidents as long as he’s had a long enough walk in the morning and gets enough exercise and stimulation in the evening. He may cry softly for a minute or two when first going in his crate then calms right down. Pickles is not fully potty trained so an adopter will need to keep working on this. He uses a potty pad indoors currently and has only ever had one accident off of the potty pads, which is great! Pickles also consistently goes potty outside when we go and walks extremely well on the leash (or off leash). Consistency will be key for this kiddo (or any young pup really).

Pickles loves to play with his foster siblings and is very calm and gentle when seeing new dogs on our walks. He can be a little shy at first, but warms up to new dogs within minutes. The only thing Pickles doesn’t like from other animals is rough playing with larger dogs since he gets scared sometimes. Pickles currently lives with kitties as well and does well will them. He sometimes wants desperately to play with them, but is redirected easily and usually listens to their corrections. With Pickles’ breed and size, he will likely stay a medium energy physically and will likely thrive with a decent amount of mental stimulation (puzzles, training, toys, etc). Adopters who want to pursue obedience and other types of training with their pup would be well suited for this guy! As a puppy, he does still do a good amount of mouthy playing and trying to chew on fingers, but again he is easily redirected to toys so I’m confident he will be easy to train out of it. Pickles is in the process of learning sit, down, and come - he’s a smart kid!

Pickles is very nearly perfect, but does have one training consideration that adopters will need to be aware of which is resource guarding. Pickles is mildly food aggressive with humans he’s not familiar with and is possessive of food and bones/rawhides/chew treats with other animals. He may growl or snap when he is being possessive so he may not be suited for a home with small children unless the adopters are experienced dog owners. We are working on this with him and he no longer growls or snaps at me but still does with other animals in the house. This issue is easy to avoid and can be trained out with consistency so it won’t be a problem at all for the right adopter. :)

Are you ready for a fun, spunky, trainable young fluff ball? Consider meeting Pickles today!