QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with kids and other dogs! ✔️ Crate trained! ✔️ Good for beginner dog owner!

hound Mix|male|3 months old|21 lbs|Adoption Fee $375

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Obi is a flexible puppy that would meld into almost any home situation. Typically, he wakes up in his crate and gets taken outside for a short walk, to play with his sister, and to go to the bathroom. He goes inside, plays with his sister and his foster’s kids, and goes back out every 2 hours so he doesn't have an accident. He jumps up out of excitement, but is learning to stop this. He is very sweet and once the puppy excitement has gone down, just cuddles with them. Obi has an initial flash of energy, especially when switching rooms or going outside, but doesn't take long to calm down. When we are outside, he has that initial burst that can be a little hard to control on a leash, but after calming down he walks well. He has his sister that he loves to play with and gets along with very well, but when around stranger dogs gets scared and tries to avoid them. We have a cat that doesn't really like dogs and so he ignores her completely. If left alone, there is maybe a little bit of whimpering for a bit (if his sister isn't there to play with him) but usually he just takes a nap and chews on dog toys (occasionally stuffed animals if they are left on the floor). Obi is a very sweet dog that loves to cuddle and lots of love! He is a little anxious, but otherwise a complete sweetheart.