QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with cats, kids and other dogs! ✔️ Crate trained! ✔️ Great running buddy! ✔️ Walks well on leash!

lab Mix|female|3 years old|64 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 6: Monica had her first day at her new daycare on the 16th, and she did GREAT! They said she jumped right in and played her butt off. She was very respectful in her playing and they commented on how great of a wrestler she is. She did have some possessive behavior with toys, but once they took the toys away she was an absolute class act. She will be going once a week now!

New tricks Monica has learned: "other paw" and "play dead!" Did I mention she never jumps up on people when she gets excited? She is a respectful lady after all!

Monica also has an Instagram so you can see how she behaves on a day to day basis. Check her out at @MonicaTheFoster

Pupdate 5: Wow, has she learned a lot in the past week! Monica has learned to "sit" and "wait" so she is not tempted to bolt out open doors, she'll wait until you say "ok!" before she moves a muscle. She has learned "paw," "drop it," and how to "lay down!" She has learned (and is still working on) walking either at your side or behind you, she catches on very quickly and we regularly practice walking drills.

Monica's leash reactivity has greatly improved. Previously, she would get anxious and try to pull towards or lunge at dogs from any distance and some people. She will now play it cool walking by any person, including children. She has even met a couple calm kids on walks! She is better with dogs and will not pull or lunge, unless they are walking right past us on the same sidewalk. Baby steps!

Please note that her leash reactivity does not mean she doesn't do well with dogs! She has frequented daycare and has successfully met dog friends while on leash, however, the on-leash introductions must be gradual and slow in order to absolutely guarantee success.

Pupdate 4: Monica has made some great progress in foster care! Her separation anxiety is now completely manageable, she just has to be crated when left alone in the house. If she is left uncrated for an extended period of time, she may get destructive around the house. Plastic crates only please! She does great in plastic but will try to escape a wire crate. She doesn't even whine when you leave! Monica's crate is her safe space, she is fed meals inside her crate and willingly hangs out in there sometimes and chews tasty bones.

Monica will settle right in as soon as she comes into your home, she tends to be shy with strangers or anyone coming into the home who isn't usually there. If you are the stranger and give her the chance to approach you first she will be just fine! Monica is a huge snuggler at night in bed and is also perfectly okay with sleeping in a crate.

Monica is extremely smart and trainable, she is very food motivated. She learned the "touch" command in all of 5 minutes thanks to the help of some tasty treats.

Monica does currently have some leash reactivity, meaning when she sees dogs and sometimes people on walks, she gets anxious and may lunge. This is something we are currently working on improving together, she has shown a LOT of promise so far in just the last few days of work!

Pupdate 3: Monica was recently cat tested and passed with flying colors. She was a little shy with the person doing the cat test but eagerly took treats and engaged with her even though she had never met her before and was in a brand new place. The sweet nature of this girl is SO evident upon meeting her. Do you think you could give this very sweet, shy, cat loving pup a chance?

Pupdate 2: I knew when I took Monica for her first walk that she would be a great camping buddy, and I recently confirmed that! She's always ready to take a hike, I've never managed to fully tire her out. But at the campsite, she's a real chill girl, just wanting to hang out around me. She tends to wander a bit off leash, but she's calm and happy hanging out at the campsite on leash.

Traveling with Monica has also been pretty easy; she'll hop right into the car and only whines when she needs to go potty. We've taken multi-hour journeys before with no problem. If you're looking for a dog to fit into your active lifestyle, Monica would be a great fit!

Pupdate 1: Monica likes to get up and walk/eat first thing in the morning. She would love to play outside all day, but she's equally happy spending all day curled up on a dog bed next to you. She rarely barks, and is perfectly content to just hang out all day before eating dinner and take 1-2 walks in the evening. She is a very chill dog and a huge sweetheart.

Monica is slow to warm up with people, but after a few days she becomes the biggest sweetheart in the world! She wants nothing more than to lay at your feet or cuddle up next to you on the couch for hours on end. Monica can become spooked with fast movements or loud sounds next to her, but she reacts fearfully rather than aggressively.

Monica would be a great running buddy. She prefers to go on walks at a brisk pace, or faster! She does pull a little bit but she is very manageable. She is happy with 2-3 medium-length walks during the day but would be willing to go much further--she'd be a great hiking buddy. During the day Monica spends most of her time laying around, often chewing a bone. She usually prefers napping over playtime.

Monica has gotten along well with other dogs at doggy daycare, but can take time to warm up to them. Interactions with cats unknown. Monica has separation anxiety that ranges from manageable to severe. She can be destructive so it's recommended she be crated in a hard-sided crate, as she has broken a wire crate in the past. She would do best living with someone that stays at home/works from home or attending doggy daycare.

Monica needs a home that's willing to find the best solution to manage her separation anxiety, but besides that she's the total package. She's happy, cuddly, quiet, smart, and eager to find her forever home!