Hound Mix|female|2 years old|56 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Miley is seeking an active owner who wants to exercise her physically and mentally. She would love an active dog friend, but she'd also do well as the queen of her castle. I recommend her adopters get her some cool puzzle toys, because Miley could occupy herself for hours! Miley is always willing to play, even when my 7-month-old resident pup gets slightly obnoxious.  She’s a huge cuddle bug who also loves to snuggle up in a blanket or up next to her dog friends and humans. In general, Miley loves women best, and is a great protector. Given a little time, she'll warm up to people she doesn't know. She is a good listener and responds to her name. So she would definitely be willing to learn many more tricks and entertain you. 

Pupdate 1: She is an extremely smart dog that needs consistency and a lot more POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT in order to build up her confidence .Would do best as an only dog in her forever home so that her owner can really work on building her confidence one on one. She can be more more of a dominant female but she enjoys the dog park as long as the owner is attentive to what her and other dogs may be doing (just don’t sit on phone and ignore dogs). She is a sweetheart who loves to give kisses and be told that she is a good girl! Good with kids however would do better in home without them because she gets territorial over protecting them. Good with adults, shy at first (doesn’t know who to trust) so let her settle in and learn to trust you. Takes a little longer to warm up to men - most likely was punished by a man.