QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with other dogs! ✔️ Walks well on leash! ✔️ Great in the car! ✔️ Shy but so, so sweet to her humans!

Hound Mix|female|3 years old|56 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Miley is excited about spring arriving!  She loves to be outside and with the warmer temperatures she has enjoyed spending several hours at a time out in the sunshine!  Our walks have become quite a bit more exciting and with that, a bit more challenging.  New smells from the melting snow more activities from area wildlife have proven to be tempting distractions.  Miley is a hunter and she is enticed to chase all the critters she sees on our walks.  Keeping her on a short leash allows me to correct her quickly when she wants to take off after something.  She responds very well to the leash correction and verbal commands.  Most of the time I just need to break her concentration and we can just keep walking, but when she sees deer that are close enough to chase, she finds it terribly challenging to resist.  I often have to ask her to sit and we have to wait until she is calm enough to listen.  This sometimes takes several minutes as she cries and whines wanting to chase the deer.  But we enjoy going for long walks now that it is warming up!!!  

Miley is doing really well with her new tricks.  In the previous update, Miley was going to be learning a couple new tricks.  She is learning “spin” and going through a “collapsing” tunnel.  She enjoys going through the tunnel, knowing there will be a reward at the end!!!  The collapsed portion of the tunnel is a challenge for many dogs, but it does not phase Miley one bit!!!  She just powers through and gets to the reward on the other side!  She is still working on the spinning command.  She follows my hand to guide her through the desired action, but has not yet grasped the concept enough to spin with just the verbal command.  We will continue to work on these new activities while we enjoy the spring weather!

Miley is very hopeful that someone will soon be ready to adopt her and work on these activities with her and get her settled in to her forever home!  

Pupdate 2: Miley is adjusting really well and has proven she is adaptable to many different situations.  We recently had a shopping morning where she went to several different stores with me that allow leashed pets.  She was comfortable walking past other shoppers without showing any insecurities.  Additionally, some shoppers and store employees interacted with her and she did and excellent job being calm and confident and letting them pet her!!!  This is very encouraging and suggests that her insecurities can be overcome with stability and structure.

Miley is getting used to the snow!!!!  She will stay outside with me while I shovel and likes to stand on a big mound of snow so she can be as tall as me!!!  She is also getting better at braving the cold.  She loves to go for walks and they are getting longer as she is more tolerant of the chill in the air!

We are working on making the tricks she knows more challenging and learning new tricks.  With commands she already knows, I am making them more challenging by asking her to follow several commands before she gets the treat.  She has done a super job stringing together tricks!!!  We are also working on 2 new tricks, just to keep her mind challenged and active! Stay tuned for the next update to see how she did with her new tricks!

Pupdate 1: Miley is a very smart dog with a desire to control her surroundings. She is very protective of her territory and will claim spaces and items as her own if someone else doesn't claim them. She loves to earn her rewards (treats and scratches under the chin and belly rubs) by following commands. She learned how to roll over in just 2 days!!!! She also knows the “place” command, knows the difference between “Sit” and “Down”, shake, and kisses! Yes, she will give kisses on command! She knows to wait in a designated spot while her dinner is prepared and to wait there until she is given the ok to go to her bowl.  She walks very good on a leash and enjoys getting a change of scenery a couple times a day. She has been a real joy to work with in our home!

Miley will be a best fit in a home that does not have other dogs and in a structured environment. She does best with a regular routine, but also loves to experience new settings and explore new areas. She may learn to be good with cats, especially if they are willing to stand their ground, but her curiosity instinctively makes her want to give chase! She will need to be in a home with owners that have a strong personality and will stay disciplined in their training and structure with her. She wants to know who is in charge, so she doesn't feel the need to be in charge. When someone else takes charge, she is happy and relaxed!

-Very affectionate and loves to bury her face into the laps of those she trusts and respects!
-Smart and wants to please! Knows all the basic commands and is happy to learn new ones!
-Understands that she cannot go on the furniture unless she is invited!
-Comfortable in her crate and often prefers just laying in it with the door open when I am home!
-Fully potty trained! She can be home all day during a normal workday without any accidents!
-Rides great in the car!
-Loves to get towel dried after a soggy walk in the snow! (Not terribly fond of deep snow, but plows through to go potty!)
-Interacts super with young kids! She if very tolerant of kids leaning on her and hugging her!
-Keeps herself very clean and does not shed a whole lot!
-Very curious about what is happening around her and cocks her head and lifts her ears....too funny!!!! She makes me laugh a lot!
-Very calm for a three year old pup! She likes to shred her toys, but doesn't destroy anything that is not given to her to play with!

-Occasionally barks to protect her territory from people she doesn't know.
-Has displayed some insecurities and feelings of vulnerability that manifest in growling and barking at people inappropriately. She is learning to socialize with people she doesn't know by having them give her commands she is familiar with and earning her rewards from them in the form of treats offered from an open had. This helps her learn to understand they won't harm her and then her behavior improves dramatically. Initial meetings with people she does not know has started somewhat rough.
-Needs to control her interactions with other dogs and sometimes corrects dogs around her when it is not necessary or in an exaggerated manner for what is really needed. She responds really well to correction from people when they interrupt her correction of another dog.
-Curious with cats and barks trying to get them to run so she can chase them. She responds really well if you claim the cat and ask her to keep back a certain distance, but she is always waiting for the chance to chase it if it moves.