QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Does well in crate! ✔️ Gets along with cats and other dogs! ❌ No kids under 12!

lab Mix|female|7 months old|18 lbs|Adoption Fee $375

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 9: Maple is a star student!  We have been working on some balanced training with Maple and she is so attentive and food motivated that training has been a breeze.  She now knows sit, down, touch, shake, leave it, and wait. We recently introduced place and stay and she is picking them up quickly.  We have also introduced a prong collar to give more structure and help address some of her reactions and she has been very receptive.  Anyone that enjoys training with their pups will have a great time with this girl.  

She is still such a love bug and loves to snuggle in with her people and puppy friends.  She just needs a patient family willing to commit to training to provide the structure she needs. 

Pupdate 8: This sweet, snuggly baby is still looking for her perfect, forever home.  Maple is going to need a patient, dedicated family that will love her with all of her imperfections but also work with her on some of her less desirable behaviors.  She is a bit more of a "project pup" than some other puppies but she is such a loving, loyal pup that she is totally worth the extra work she will require.  

Maple's biggest issue is that she has been reactive towards kids and also an adult man.  She has lunged and growled.  It isn't all interactions but it has happened and is unpredictable so her adopter should be aware that she is going to require some additional socialization and training. It appears that much of her reactivity may be triggered by resource guarding.  She resource guards food, some toys and her people.  She hasn't guarded resources from her foster parents or the resident pups in her foster home at all but has guarded against strangers and other pups.  She is fed in her crate to prevent any guarding of her kibble from the other pups in her home.  She is also fearful in new places and with new people so continued socialization would be helpful to her comfort level.  

When Maple arrived to her foster home, she just accepted that the resident pups were superior in the pack order than her.  She was initially overwhelmed with their size compared to her and was a little growly with them (mostly just asking for space) but has had no issues with them. After she settled with them, she plays and snuggles with them readily.  I imagine that this is how she would do in a new home that has another dog.  I also believe a home with another dog would help Maple gain confidence in her new home as she has another dog to observe and learn from.  We have had new dogs come into our home (new fosters and dogs we were sitting) and Maple will resource guard things/people from those new dogs.  If the new dog is submissive to Maple, she is fine with them and will quickly warm up to them.  If they are not submissive then Maple will continue to challenge/snip at the new dog and has taken a couple weeks to warm up to non submissive dogs.  

Maple has done well at day care and is very comfortable there.  She has never exhibited any resource guarding behaviors at day care with either other dogs or people.  She goes to day care about three times a week so playing with other pups (both at day care and at home) is how she gets most of her exercise.  We have not walked her too much in the neighborhood as we have a fenced yard but she has been barky towards people she has seen walking either out on short walks or to and from the car.  Several people have asked about dog parks for Maple.  We have not tested her at a dog park but my initial thoughts are that she may be overwhelmed initially with large, strange dogs rushing at her.  With another dog there that she is familiar with it may help her be more confident but trips to the dog park may require some strategic exposure to avoid issues.  

In her foster home she has been a pretty easy pup.  She is mostly potty trained, is trustworthy in the yard, and plays well with the other pups.  She does well in her crate but has also done well overnight being left out of her crate as well.  She matches the energy of whatever we are doing so she is fine snuggling in on a snowy weekend or playing independently with her toys but also loves to run and play in the yard. She does great in the car and is excited to go for rides.  She is very smart, food motivated and picks up on training quickly.  She is working on commands for sit, down, touch, leave it and wait. 

The easiest home for Maple would be a home in a rural setting with a fenced yard so she has room to run and play. She would love a doggy sibling as that would help her gain confidence in her new home.  She would prefer a low traffic home that doesn't have many visitors. Easist isn't always the best though, so she could do fine in a home that does not match the above setting.  The most important thing though is a family that is willing to work with her and just love her like crazy.  

Pupdate 7: Maple has been so well behaved in our home that we trust her enough to leave the crate door open at night time when we go to bed.  Of all the places she has to choose from to sleep, she has opted to sleep in the pile of dirty laundry on our bedroom floor. 

We have also decided that Maple should go to a home WITHOUT children under the age of 12.  She has met a couple younger children in our home and has been unpredictable and very nervous around the young children.  It is difficult to pinpoint what causes her to react to the children so to avoid any issue she should not go to a home with younger kids.  She has not been exposed to many teenagers so we will test that out soon and see how she does.  

She is a wonderful, sweet little pup that will be a great addition to a low key home.  

Pupdate 6: We have continued to work on Maple's socialization.  She is way more confident at day care and has been doing really well in her puppy training class.  She stayed with a sitter recently and she said it took Maple a few hours but she eventually curled up next to her on the couch for a nice long nap while the sitter caught up on some work. Continued exposure to new people and places will help reduce her anxiety in these new environments.  

Maple has been around several more children since Christmas and seems as she would do best in a home with older kids (12+).  The little ones just move around too much and make it tough for her to relax.  And boy does this girl like to be able to relax!  Her favorite spot is curled up right next to me on the couch. 

Pupdate 5: My foster mom says I am such a good, sweet girl.  I have been doing so well with going potty outside.  I have even started sitting by the door patiently when I need to go out.  As long as I am let out in a timely fashion, I have very few accidents inside.  

I have also been doing good with the kitties.  I do still get excited sometimes and try to get the kitties to play with me but I have become less interested in them over the last couple weeks and am pretty easily redirected when need be.  Foster momma tells me to "leave it" when I want to play with the kitty.  I don't know what that means yet but once I figure it out I will know when I need to give the kitty a bit more space.  My kitty friend Dexter is also kind of a knucklehead when setting boundaries with dogs in that he just doesn't, so kitty friends that tell me when they don't like what I am doing would help as well.  

I know I am a shy girl and that probably makes some people less interested in meeting me but I just need a bit more time to warm up to new people and places.  I am getting more brave though and once I know you, I promise to give you so much love and will camp out on your lap as long as you will let me.  

Pupdate 4: Maple has been going to daycare over the past week.  She has gone three times now and she is more confident every time she goes.  Tonight when I picked her up they said she was a wild woman. They did indicate she isn't very interested in the people there but loves loves loves to play with all the pups.  She loves to play and snuggle in with her foster siblings too.  While she would do fine in a home without another dog, I think she would do best in a home with another pup to show her the ropes.  

Pupdate 3: Things we have learned about Maple over the Christmas Holiday:

1) She can rock a puppy holiday sweater like there is no tomorrow.

2) She is an all-star in the car.  She rode three hours each way (all in the same day) to Nana's house and slept the whole way.  Awesome co-pilot!

3) While she is used to going potty free in the yard, going potty on leash was no problem.  Continues to do well with potty outside as long as let out often.  

4) She does wonderful in the crate.  She happily settled in with a Kong while everyone ate.  She also snagged a pretty fat nap in her crate while several kids played around her.  

5) We visited family with lots of kids and activity. She settled in with the activity of the kids after a couple hours and was definitely curious about them but decided she would stick pretty close to foster momma while the kids were running about.  She did fine when the kids wanted to pet her.  She could do fine in a home with little kids but would take some time to settle in and would require very close supervision.  I don't think she would have any issues at all living with kids 12 and older though!

This sweet, snuggly, sensitive girl is just looking for her patient forever home to help her build confidence in all sorts of new situations. 

Pupdate 2: Maple continues to settle in with her foster family.  She is such a snuggler and is the first to snag my lap when I sit on the couch.  She is doing awesome in her crate and sleeps all through the night with no accidents in her crate.  

She is a bit shy so we are working on socialization so her new family will just need to be patient with her as she gains some confidence.

Pupdate 1: Maple is a pretty typical 4 month old pup. Her day consists mainly of playing with other pups and taking naps. We are working on potty training and she is catching on. Quiet in the crate at night and sleeps through without a potty break. Loves all sorts of toys and playing chase with other pups. Also, sniffing around the yard is pretty cool too.
Maple was a little timid when meeting new people but opens up quickly and then loves to snuggle and play. She hasn't met any children in her foster home, but would do fine with proper introductions. She is still mouthy as she is busy growing teeth but she is catching on quickly that hands aren't toys and redirects to actual toys pretty easily. Maple has typical puppy energy but also still has long puppy naps during the day. She loves snuggling by people for a long snooze. We haven't started leash walking yet but she likes to explore and play chase with the other pups in her foster home.
Maple now does great with the other pups in her foster home. She did take a few days to settle in and warm up to them but she came around. I would recommend continued socialization work (puppy training, play groups, dog day care to help reinforce good puppy interactions with other pups. She hasn't been left alone too much but she seems to do pretty well in her crate as long as she gets a kong to keep her busy. Just a sweet pup, looking for a family to love her forever!