QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Does well in crate! ✔️ Good in car! ✔️ Gets along with cats and other dogs! ❌ No kids under 12!

lab Mix|female|10 months old|32 lbs|Adoption Fee $375

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: We have decided that Maple is finally old enough and responsible enough to have her own Instagram account! Check out @themarvelousms.maple on Instagram to see more of the day to day fun and big adventures that Maple gets up to! Maple is very excited about this as she has been begging us FOREVER to have her own Instagram account. She thinks it will really help people see she isn't a no-so-big, scary dog like she shows at her first meet and greets. She is very sweet and easy to manage once she settles in and gets comfortable with her people.

Pupdate 2: Maple has been LOVING the sunny weather and spending lots of time outside. She had so much fun on a recent trip to a private dog park and boy did she love having lots of room to run. If you are looking for a buddy to soak up some of this summer sunshine, Maple may be your girl!

Pupdate 1: Maple is a wonderful pup who deserves a forever family that is just as wonderful as she is.  She is more of a "project pup" than many others but she is totally worth the commitment she requires. 
Maple is:
-completely potty trained (will sit by the door/whine when she needs to go out)
-crate trained
-GREAT in the car
-loving and affectionate to her people
-non destructive
-can be left out at bedtime (in bedroom) with no issues
-smart as a whip + VERY food motivated=SO FUN to train
-TOP NOTCH snuggler
-loyal as heck

She is an amazing pup that checks SO many boxes and is quite easy to have in our home on a day to day basis.  On the other hand, Maple is fearful and reactive but mainly struggles with new people/dogs being in her space.  She has shown resource guarding behaviors with new dogs and has been reactive to new people in our home so she should definitely go to a home without little kids. 

The great news is that since Maple is SO trainable, she has a whole toolbox of tools to help manage her behavior when new people are over.  Her place command is ON POINT!  She will quietly sit on her bed across the room on "place" while you hang with your guests.  Otherwise, you can put her in her crate in another room with a kong to entertain herself and she is perfectly ok with that.  She does eventually warm up to new dogs being in her space but just needs some time to adjust.  She is quite bossy in the mean time though so she does much better with more submissive dogs.  She currently loves the pups that live in her foster home and loves to wrestle, chase and cuddle with them.  She attends day care twice a week and has done well with staff and pups there.  None of the resource guarding/reactivity issues have been noted at day care though she was very nervous when first starting.

New places scare her a bit but again, those same tools are available.  If she is nervous at the vet, unroll a rug and put her on "place".  Play a game with her using the touch command to focus that nervous energy into something.  She will need a family that is willing to continue working on training with her as well as continuing to work on socialization.  A confident dog handler will be imperative to her success.  Training has been very effective at building trust with her foster family and she is very eager to please. 

Anyone looking for a pup to adopt should be cautious about adopting a pup with behavior concerns.  You should really think about how a dog with x, y and z issues will fit into your lifestyle and home environment but these pups are still really great dogs and would make a wonderful addition to the RIGHT home.  Maple is like an introverted human.  She likes to be home and have a good time with those people she is close to.  She probably won't ever be a pup that loves to go hang out at a brewery or dog friendly event but she will be a pup that will love you and snuggle you like crazy.  Maple needs a patient family that will give her structure and continue to work on training and socialization.  That's it. I know the perfect family for Maple is out there and we are happy to continue soaking up Maple's snuggles until we find them.