QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Very trainable and intelligent! ✔️ Human motivated! ✔️Good with gentle/calm children! ❌ Separation anxiety

Husky Mix|Female|4 Years old|56 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Maizee is proving to be a very calm, medium-energy dog. When people are around, she loves to relax, cuddle and take naps in between a few short walks each day. At the same time, she loves to play fetch, and go on long walks and runs.

We’re finding that she LOVES other dogs, and she wants to play when she seems them.

She will need a forever home dedicated to helping her with her separation anxiety, or a home with someone around most of the time. She is destructive if left alone loose, and barks when she’s kenneled and alone. Dog daycare might also be a good option for her when her family is out of the house. She’s rarely left alone in our home.

At our vet’s recommendation, we will give her trazedone when we leave, which helps her sleep peacefully the random times we’re away.

Pupdate 2: Maizee is our little ray of sunshine. She’s been here for about a week and she is just the friendliest girl. She has such a pretty smile and has never met anyone who she didn’t love. At this point, she is my shadow. She has chosen me as her person and she follows me everywhere. If there’s 5 people in my house and I get up to go to the bathroom, she follows me and lays outside the door until I’m back out. She is also EXTREMELY well trained and super smart. She knows sit, lay down, shake. She hits the door with her paw whenever she needs to go outside. She is fantastic on leash. She likes to match your pace and honestly in time she’s going to be the type of dog who doesn’t need a leash walking in around town. She loves to cuddle with me. She sleeps in my bed and gets right up next to me. 

At this point, she is literally perfect EXCEPT the separation anxiety is real. We want to ease her out of being left in the kennel when we leave, but all she has done is tear everything up inside. She hasn’t been left alone for more than 2 hours. When left alone, she barks constantly and bothers the neighbors. Besides that she may bark once or twice and then stop. Very much not a problem. I would recommend that she goes to a family with a stay at home parent or someone who works at home. She loves fetch and playing catch too. She can play and be riled up but is mainly a very chill dog. 

We love her and want her to go to a great home. She’s very good with other dogs and good with children as well. If she didn’t have the separation anxiety she would literally be the perfect dog.

Pupdate 1: Maizee loves her people!  She is not a cuddle bug but will follow wherever you go.  She prefers to be with her people all the time. Maizee has yet to meet anyone she does not like.   She is very enthusiastic when meeting new people and will jump at first so that needs some work. She prefers children who are calmer and don’t grab her.    She will not nip at them but walks away and does her best to avoid them.

She already knows basic commands like sit, down, drop.   She is very food motivated so she is easy to train. Speaking of food motivation, she really likes to steal carrots off the countertop!    

She needs to stay busy and have a job to do whether it is keeping an eye on you or playing with her toys.   She has done well on a leash so she will enjoy long walks and runs.

Maizee is a beautiful, loving girl looking for her forever home!