Boxer/Shepherd Mix|male|1 year old|60 lbs|Adoption Fee $325 

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: I’m heading into my second month with Lex, and he is so sweet! He’s really smart and wants to learn, but he is full of puppy energy and needs a lot of exercise and playtime. He knows his place command already and will go lay down if I tell him to lie down. He is still learning patience, but getting better at it.  He doesn’t really bark when the doorbell rings, but he is protective of his human when on walks. He will bark at people passing by on foot or bike and will calm down when you tell him to.  He plays great with my resident dog, but sometimes I have to break them up when my resident dog has had enough and wants to just relax!

            Lex would do best in a home with vigilant trainers. He’s potty trained and knows the basics, but could easily fall back into bad habits if not corrected immediately. He has lapped up water from the toilet before, so keeping the lid down is necessary! He still tries to jump up on people, but he’s getting better at this! He just wants to meet them and enjoy the pets! He doesn’t growl or bark at people, he just wants them to adore him, which they usually do! He allowed me to trim his nails last night, so he’s good with that, and he’s also really good-natured at the vet! He rides well in the car, and does great on walks, but still tends to pull a bit, so I would recommend a short leash at first to get him to learn how to heal, and possibly a prong collar!

            Lex also has a very healthy appetite! He eats about a cup and a half of food in the morning and a cup and a half at night! He’s kennel trained and goes right in with a treat when you say kennel! He’s got a massive tongue, and that’s part of his charm! Sometimes is hangs from the side of his mouth and he’ll give you a really derpy look, but it’s adorable! He’s a sloppy drinker, so plan to do a lot of mopping after he’s had a few sips of water! He does well during bath time and doesn’t get scared of anything. He’s a little wary of the vacuum, but he gets used to it after a while. 

            Overall I think Lex would make someone a fabulous companion. Not sure how he does with cats, but he seems to like children! However, the children in his adoptive family should be at least seven years old or older, unless the parents are skilled dog owners and vigilant about teaching their kids respect for dogs!  Lex really has no idea how big he is, so he could easily overwhelm or knock down a child who isn’t sturdy on their feet. Lex also need firm guidance. He still tends to be a bit mouthy, but it’s more playful and exploratory rather than outright biting. His favorite toys are Kongs and Rope tug toys! He also really enjoys bully sticks!!

Pupdate 2: I’ve had Lex for about a month now, and he’s settled in nicely. He’s a big lumbering dog, but super sweet! He knows his “place” command now, and knows SIT, DOWN, but he doesn’t always practice them! He needs to learn patience, and that will come with a little more time and practice! He really wants to please and just loves to be affectionate. He really is the sweetest dog! He still tends to pull a lot on leash, but he’s learning slowly how to walk beside and not in front! Because of his size, I would not recommend he go to a family with small children. He barks a lot when people pass by on the bike trail, but that will get better with time and practice. He’s in really good shape, and is only a year old, so I would think that he could still use a few pounds, but he likes to eat, and gets fed twice a day. We go on evening walks, and morning walks when I have the time. Thus far he seems pretty well potty trained, and he’s only had an accident in the house last week when I change over his food. I tend to use the same brand, but change the flavors, and this one just didn’t sit to well with him. He had an accident in the basement before I could let him out, and then a small one in his crate, that I think he just couldn’t help. Poor Pup. It was easily fixed with adding Pumpkin puree to his food, and that cleaned up his stomach issues. He likes to chew, and does well only chewing toys until they are not around, then he will tend to go for shoes. A stern “NO”, and he doesn’t do it again! Like I said, he’s really smart and seems to want to please! Very treat motivated, and loves to exercise. He’s having a blast playing with my resident dog, a boxer mix, and he seems to do well when people come to visit. He’s still working on his door manners, not rushing out the door as soon as it’s opened and waiting for my command, but he’s working on it. He just has so much puppy energy he can’t contain himself. He’s a gorgeous dog, and would love to find a home where he can play and cuddle and chillax!

Pupdate 1: Hi! My name is Lex, I came from Missouri, and I love treats and bully sticks! Let me tell you a little bit about myself! I’m about 60 lbs., and likely to get a little bit bigger. I need to gain a bit of weight, not much though…I’m pretty lean but I’m a big dog! I tend to pull on the leash a bit, but my foster mom is teaching me not to do that. Otherwise I’m pretty good on a leash!

I’m learning my manners, like sitting before I leave the house, sitting calmly before getting out of my crate, (I’m also crate trained!), sitting at the corner before we cross the street, and sitting patiently before eating my food!  I’m also learning the “Place” command, and I’ve almost got that down, but when my foster mom leaves the room, I follow her, and then she puts me back in my place again, and it’s kind of like a game, but then I realize that she wants me to stay there, so I do! Boy…learning to be a good dog is tough, but I know it will get me adopted sooner, so I’m working really hard at it!

I get along with my foster brother, and we play a lot, but sometimes he gets tired of playing and just wants to be left alone, even when I want to keep playing, so my foster mom is helping me to learn boundaries! She usually puts me in my “Place” command when I get too rowdy, and then I calm down! Like I said before, learning to be a good dog is hard work, but I’m really smart, and I learn quickly, so I’ve got that going for me! I hope to meet you soon and become your forever pal!