QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with adults and older children! ✔️ Crate trained! ✔️ Knows basic obedience commands! ✔️ Loves car rides and going to the dog park! ❌ No cats!

Dutch Shepherd Mix|male|1 year old|55 lbs

Updates from Owners: 

Pupdate 1: Kovu is the smartest, sweetest, most cuddly young boy who if given the chance will try to sit on your lap.

He needs a new home at NO FAULT OF HIS OWN, his parents broke up and mom is not in a good place financially to make sure he continues to thrive and the location I have had to relocate to has made it difficult to be around as much and give him the exercise he needs. So this has been one of the hardest decisions to make because he is an amazing dog but deserves so much better now!

Kovu would love a job and purpose for his life because he is extremely intelligent, intuitive, and has the energy level and heart of a dog who can make the world a better place.

Very energetic and always willing to play. Since he is part shepherd he is pretty vocal while playing which many people don’t realize is a shepherd thing. Plays really well with similar high energy golden doodle - but if allowed to they will both attempt to be the dominant ones.

Requires a confident human who can give him the leadership he wants and needs to guide him on what you want him to do next. (He’s a super hard worker and wants to please you so definitely challenge him and help him grow!)

Definitely would do well in a home with a larger breed, older sibling, dog who knows to follow the pack leader human’s rules but also loves to have fun with him. 

-crate trained

-knows *sit *down *wait *stay *drop it *leave it *has improved with heel ***break* for breaking from a command 

-Loves puzzle games with treats

-He would thrive in agility courses and/or nose work. Potential to be an amazing hero as a search and rescue dog or anything to utilize his super-strong nose!

-There is an outdoor cat at the place he is currently living and will bark/growl like crazy if he sees it through the window and has chased it up a tree several times. Would do best in home with NO CATS. 

-He will usually chase anything that moves quickly and often herds other dogs (prob the shepherd in him) while playing. But will also chase the cat and probably a running kid or adult if given the chance.

For this reason I would say he'd be much better with kids 12+ who are respectful of dogs as a species and their boundaries (gets overwhelmed by how much energy younger kids have)

-Has been leash reactive towards other dogs in past but has been doing amazing lately with high-value treats and “focus” command. Really improved though by either being put into “sit” or to continue walking by without giving him chance to react and being more exciting than the distraction. 

-Fearful/Barks at people (especially certain men) walking towards him when he doesn’t know them well and is on a leash (hopefully this will change quickly once someone else is at the other end of the leash and he is in a better environment!) Also will bark like crazy if he is in parked car when certain people walk towards it or near it. 

***Current owner will give any potential adopter more info about his personality and anything else they want to know upon request! Also would be willing to go over everything he’s learned with him and new owner!