Join the Crew that's Making Fetch Happen


Do you want to make a difference to a special community? Volunteer for Fetch! We rescue, heal, and find loving homes for dogs throughout the Midwest. Fetch operates solely from volunteer efforts, and is principally funded by donations, fundraising, and support activities. All kinds of roles are available ranging from events and activities to regular volunteer positions. Your support can make a difference!

Volunteers Needed for:

  • Fostering - our greatest need - learn more
  • Transports
  • Dog sitting
  • Meet & greets & events
  • Fundraising
  • Home visits
  • and more!

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Participate in a rescue activity meaningful to YOU such as fostering, transporting, home visits, intake, fundraising, special events and much more
  • Help out when you can, and forever change the life of a dog that you help
  • Meet other people that share your passion for animal rescue
  • Know that your efforts will make a difference every day in rescued dogs' lives as they adjust to their new healthy, loving homes

Fill out a Volunteer Application to join our awesome team or fill out a Foster Home Application to join our foster crew.  Read more about why we volunteer below!

Steve&Shadow (1).JPG

"Steve and I started fostering because we wanted a dog of our own but weren't ready to make a lifelong commitment to being dog owners. But from the first day we brought home our first foster, Charley, we knew that fostering would always be a part of our lives. Fostering is one of the most challenging, emotional, and rewarding experiences I've ever had. There is no better feeling than working with a dog that comes to you broken, alone, and scared and getting to slowly watch him come back to life and eventually find a forever home. Also, it's tons of fun! I love getting to know each one of our new dogs and finding new ways to keep them entertained :) We've also found a great sense of community working with trainers, fosters, and the Fetch team and they've been an excellent support system for us as we've worked with some pretty tough dogs. Every dog that comes into our home challenges us in a new way, pushing us to be better and giving us skills we can use with future fosters. Every time we have to say goodbye it's hard, but we remind ourselves that letting one go means we can help another dog that needs us. The dogs that Fetch takes in wouldn't have a chance without us, and we feel as though we have an obligation to help them."

Steve and Claire, Fetch Wisconsin Volunteers

"I've been fostering with Fetch a little over a year now, and I really love it. The support from Fetch has been wonderful. Any questions or concerns I have on a dog, they're right there to respond.  They also take time to listen to the foster about what they feel is best for the dogs.  That is something that you don't have with every rescue. Fostering itself is extremely fulfilling. There are the emotional and bittersweet times, but when you see your foster dog with their new family, you know it's all worth it. I can't imagine not fostering at this point."

Alexis, Fetch Wisconsin Volunteer

"When looking to adopt our dog, we found many dogs that would've fit into our home and lives. We adopted our dog, but kept thinking about the others that were still waiting for their forever homes. It made us want to do something. We considered adopting a second dog, but instead decided to foster. We've helped more than fifteen dogs find their forever homes in the last two years!" 

Jen, Fetch Wisconsin Volunteer