black lab mix|male|2 years old|52 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Jack is thriving with his two furry foster siblings and human parents!  He is great with the two resident dogs; respects their boundaries, but is happy to play on command (although, that command doesn’t come often enough for Jack!).  Jack loves his foster mom and dad, although it took him a few days to warm up to dad.  He truly enjoys getting out and frolicking in all the snow we have experienced lately.  He knows the daily schedule includes a walk on the snow covered lake when his mom gets home from work and makes sure to remind her if she ever forgets!  He has an incredible zest for life and excitement for his family, food, walks, attention, and really anything ... he gets very excited for every activity.  We are continuing his muzzle training and introductions to new people - he doesn’t love his muzzle, but will tolerate it.  Jack has gotten really good at walking on a leash and sitting in his spot on car rides.  Jack got to spend a couple weeks in boarding while his family went on vacation and did very well.  He quickly made friends with his boarding caregivers after receiving a few treats - he will do anything for food.  Jack would love a forever family in search of a loyal companion that is eager to learn and please his people.  He would do well with fur siblings, but no young human siblings.  He would make an ideal watch dog for a country home or farm. He is medium energy - happy to go for a walk, but just as happy napping on the floor while you watch TV.  He is great in a kennel for the full work day or while you have company over - he doesn’t bark.  He isn’t allowed on furniture and is content to nap on the floor near you.  Although Jack has a few specific needs in a forever home, he would make the perfect addition to your home!

Pupdate 2: Jack continues to work on his training and is having a few sessions with Sit Means Sit in the coming weeks.  He is doing quite well at the "place" command. He also feels comfortable in his crate and does great if crated when strangers come over. He continues to be a big sweetheart when given the chance to acclimate to a new person!

Jack will take more work than your average dog to keep up with his training, but he is definitely worth it! Jack's ideal home would be willing to continue working on muzzle training and obedience training and would be willing to give him plenty of time to acclimate safely to his new people :) 

Pupdate 1: This is my buddy Jack Jack! He is a lovely, loving black lab mix.  Jack is a low to medium energy dog that likes to play with toys occassionally, loves rawhides, enjoys snoozing near you and has a blast playing with other dogs. He is pretty food motivated and is potty and crate trained.  He does well in his crate while I'm gone for work for 9 hours a day. Jack gets along great with dogs of all types. He is very gentle to small dogs, senior dogs, and puppies. He is fine with cats too!

Jack has had a rough past though and says he doesn't like to talk about it. But we can tell that he may have been abused because of some scars on his back.  Because of this, he is nervous around strangers, particularly when they stand up or when they are coming through a doorway. Jack has bitten people out of fear before. He has practiced a lot with wearing his basket muzzle to keep everyone safe while we practice meeting strangers though. He does great with redirection from an e-collar as well and recently had an evaluation at Sit Means Sit dog training.  Jack's issues are very manageable with consistent guidance and routine.  He is learning the "place" command so that he can have a job to do to make his human happy when strangers come over instead of being anxious about what to do.  It is helping him a lot!

Once he trusts you, he is the absolute sweetest young boy you'll meet! He adores his human and wants nothing more than to make sure you are happy and safe.  If you are crying or get hurt, Jack will come to your side to make sure you're okay :) Same goes for him around other dogs too. He knows how to sit to get your attention and pets instead of jumping all over you. Jack Jack would be so happy to find a home where he can chill and watch the squirrels, chew on bones, stare into your eyes, and romp around with a fur brother or sister.  He'd love to have his new owner keep working on his anxiety with him as well. A calmer household with few guests or one that is willing to separate him when guests come over would be FANTASTIC!