QUICK FACTS: ✔️ House trained ✔️ Crate trained! ✔️ Good on leash! ✔️ Knows basic commands! ❌ No cats, must be only dog!

Mix|female|5.5 years old|55 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 4: Izzy's current routine: We get up between 7-8am and Izzy goes out for her morning potty break shortly after I wake up. If I have time, we'll play a brief game of fetch in the yard for about 30 minutes before Izz heads into her kennel for the day. She does great in it and has no trouble going in on command.

She is capable of spending a whole work day there with no issues - typically somewhere between 8-9 hrs depending on the day. Usually we bring her back out around 4-4:30pm. We'll either take her on a quick jog, play a game of fetch, take her for a bike ride or just let her out for a quick potty depending on how we're feeling that day. She's happy to hang with us in the living room either on "place" or cuddling with us while we watch a movie or are just enjoying relaxing. Before we go to bed around 10-10:30pm, I usually let her do a quick jaunt on the treadmill - she really enjoys it, even though she probably doesn't NEED it. Then, it's back into her kennel for bedtime.

She's a high energy gal in that she'd go-go-go all day with you if you wanted, but she's also perfect able to go with the flow and live a more laid back lifestyle if that's what you're looking for! Recently, we took her to a photoshoot downtown and she did awesome. Enjoy the new pics!

Pupdate 3: Izzy has gone to several Fetch events and fundraisers lately and done fabulously. She's enjoyed every moment of human attention and has LOVED meeting as many children as she possibly can. She attended Kicks Unlimited's customer appreciation event and became best friends with a few youngsters there - it was adorable how she nuzzled up with them for pets. She also went to Madewell at Hilldale and hung out with other dogs (muzzled, for safety, as usual) and did very well. With the exception of her occasional and avoidable reactivity this gal is an awesome, easy dog. Her new forever home will get a comprehensive lesson on managing her reactivity from us (Wisco Dog Training) when she gets adopted and we can't wait til that day comes because Izzy deserves the very best.

Pupdate 2: Izzy has been doing awesome at our house. Her favorite part of the day is her daily bike ride! She heels while we go, which makes biking with her a total breeze. The other day we were chased by an off-leash dog but Izzy listened beautifully to me and ignored him to keep running. She's been doing really well around other dogs on walks and at home as long we keep her arousal level low by giving her a reminder at the first sign of her fixating (her ears go up and she gets a little forehead wrinkle). She does wear a muzzle outside for safety, just in case an off-leash dog were to approach her and she were to get too amped up.

She's an active girl, but because she knows "place" she's able to relax on a dog bed for a few hours if necessary. She'd be even happier to snuggle with you for a movie though if you'd let her! Izz is such a good girl and we love her to pieces! You can find more pictures and videos of her on the Instagram stories at instagram.com/wiscodogtraining

Pupdate 1: The dictionary sums up Izzy perfectly with the word, Enthusiasm!

1. intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.
"her energy and enthusiasm for life"

This girl is such a lover of all things LIFE! Izz has never been sad a day in her life. If you're looking for a happy-go-lucky type look no further. She enjoys cuddling on the couch with her humans, playing Fetch, and learning new tricks. She's super eager to please, wicked smart, and very energetic. She's essentially the perfect house dog - house trained, crate trained, heels on walks, sits at thresholds, ecollar trained, treadmill trained and friendly with all people. She knows all her basic commands - sit, down, place, come, break etc.

The catch? She doesn't do well with other pets and can be leash reactive towards other animals on walks. This girl's ideal owner would be a physically fit, active person who's either willing to get her out and about for exercise or play lots of games of fetch in their fenced property (6ft, privacy fence, please!) as well as exercise Izzy's mind with brain games and fun engagement exercises.
Is that you? Come meet Izz!