terrier Mix|male|4 years old|47 lbs


Updates from Owners: 

Pupdate 2: House has been making great progress at Waggin' Tails, especially in the friends department! He's become familiar with and has started enjoying the company of my own dogs - a yellow lab mix, black lab, and teacup Yorkie. There's also a lab/husky mix he likes to race in the backyard. Car rides are one of his favorite pastimes as he gets to stick his head out the window and take in all the sights and smells! Some of the staff members here have taken House home with them for sleepovers and report that he absolutely loves to snuggle, and will never deny a tasty treat when offered  House still needs a parent who is willing and able to work with him on certain things (i.e. learning to trust new acquaintances, greeting unfamiliar pups) but he's also come a long way since we first got him. His leash walking, basic obedience, and resource guarding has improved tremendously, which is why we think with a little bit of time, effort, and TLC, House can find his forever home! 

Pupdate 1: House is a very sweet boy, he enjoys walk and running but also enjoys relaxing and snuggling. He needs some work on training. He is house trained, knows all the basic commands including shake (his favorite). He is willing to try new things like swimming however he is a terrible swimmer. He needs to work on “settling” when he is on walks and sees another dog he gets very excited. He is friendly with most dogs, he just feels the need to meet them and then typically walks away and does not care about them after that.