QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Great for experienced dog owners. ✔️ Good with other dogs! ✔️ Walks well on leash! ✔️ Great in the car! ✔️ Loves to snuggle her humans! ❌ No kids under 12!

Staffordshire Terrier Mix|female|8 years old|50 lbs|Adoption Fee $200

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 4: Ginger has been usually provoked when by young children, or people who come around corners and startle her when she is out and about. At home she is very protective of me. Usually when we have less than 5 people over, she is in her crate for the first half an hour, then she is let out with the muzzle one while everyone is sitting down. She does well with that. The only person she didn't like is a guy who was bigger and it was only when he was standing over her. But with larger crowds, we usually keep her in the crate for a little bit then let her be in our bedroom that the crate is in. She has come to find the crate her safe space because of this.

The one incident that she bit someone when I had her, we were at the vet office and in a small room. She didn't like the vet but was responding very well to me. The vet tried to walk her out into the waiting area and she got scared and bit him. The next time we went, we had a larger room and a different vet. She was nervous but did fine.

With me she took about a week to warm up pretty well with me. She has done great with my in laws, especially my mother in law, when she is at their house (if we are gone for the day). I believe whoever works with her at their house, she will get attached to in no time and be their shadow, just like she has been for me and for my mother in law. They just have to spend time with her and love her. In that sense she is just like any other dog.

My parents, who are nervous around her because of her biting history, say it is funny to see her with me because she is the nicest dog for me. She listens well, she loves attention, she follows me around and is just so sweet to me. If they didn't know her history, by seeing her with me, they wouldn't guess that she has the problem. But if someone comes up the around the corner and up the stairs, sometimes she gets scared and will bark, even if that person was just upstairs with her.

Pupdate 3: Ginger is loving the warmer weather: going for longer walks, sitting on the porch, and enjoying the sunshine! She loves to be outside with us. She also enjoys seeing the wildlife near the house. She likes to sniff where the rabbits have been but does not chase after them. 

She also had an extra friend in the house for a week, Kirby. Ginger does very well with him when he comes over. She can be a little stand off at first, but after a little bit, she loves to play with other dogs. She does very well with her foster sister, Lulu. The two of them play all the time. Ginger loves to play fetch, but only if there is another dog to play fetch with. 

Ginger is a very loving dog to her family. Are you willing to be her family?

Pupdate 2: Ginger loves going for a rides! We normally go to our local Petco. Ginger loves walking around there and it is perfect exposure for her to be around strangers. She wears her muzzle and her e-collar. Every time we have gone, she has met lots of new people. People are very respectful of her, but there are a lot of people who ask to pet her. We bring treats along so the people she meets can give one. She has done very well with adults, but she has been afraid of little children if they come around a corner too fast. We normally keep walking and that distracts her enough not to worry about the children. She has met a lot of other dogs at Petco. She has done great meeting other dogs! Even when the other dog has made her uncomfortable by barking or jumping, she has listened to commands and trusted we will keep her safe. Ginger knows her training very well! She needs someone who will give commands and learn her signals for when she is feeling uncomfortable.

Pupdate 1: Ginger is a sweet snuggle bug who loves to play and go for walks! She is very loyal to her pack and loves to follow her humans around. She LOVES to have her belly rubbed and a good butt scratch. She gets along well with other dogs and loves her foster sister, Lulu. The two of them play tug of war a lot and love toys with squeakers. Ginger can sit, stay, come and “place.” She will lay down only for a treat. Ginger also is potty trained and sits extremely well for getting her nails trimmed. 

Ginger’s ideal family would be a person or a family without young children who lives in the county. Ginger has had a history of biting strangers when she feels threatened by them and she feels no one is helping her. Her adopters would have to be willing to learn her personality and understand her signals of when she is feeling threatened. She is e-collar trained and muzzle trained and finds the muzzle to be a treat to put it on, because it means that she will be leaving the house and gets to do something fun. We have been working with her at Petco to get her exposed to being around strangers and responding to commands even when she feels threatened. She loves the employees because they give her treats. She currently lives in a rural setting and sometimes can get worked up when a lot of traffic drives by, and because of this tendency, she will need to be in a rural setting. 

If you want a best friend and a loving addition for your family, Ginger is the perfect dog!