QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Prefers a home with another dog ✔️ Good with other dogs! ✔️ Crate trained!

shar-pei Mix|female|3 years old|40 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: A couple of weeks ago we had a family bring their dog over for a meet and greet. The family had a five year old son. I had to drag Gertie out of her crate, but once she saw there was a dog they happily greeted each other through a baby gate, and then greeted each other out in the house and yard. Having the new dog definitely helped Gertie. While she didn’t say hello to any humans, she did hang out in the same room and looked at everyone and played a bit with the new dog (he was an older lab). She stuck fairly close to me but didn’t hide under any furniture or retreat to her crate. So I’d call that a pretty outgoing interaction for her!

Last week she was with our sitter in our house. First 24 hours she wouldn’t budge from her crate but did eat from his hand. The sitter was able to coax her out after a day and from there each day got better. Gertie has also been doing really well with potty training and has only had one accident in the last month when we weren’t paying attention to her.

Otherwise, Gertie is a very faithful watchdog - her new job is to monitor neighborhood progress all day from the guest bedroom (regularly broken up with naps). She does bark or rumble at passers by but listens to requests to cut back. She is highly trainable - she listens very closely and doesn’t need to have things escalated. A calm request is all it takes. Her sit is masterful, and her down is well on its way. I think she could easily pick up more as well.

We have left her and my dog out loose for two hours and there was no mischief when we got home. So she could possibly be left out for brief periods of time.

All in all, Gertie just packs so much personality into her being. You know when she’s happy (every time you talk to her or touch her, her tail wags - even when you’re doing something she doesn’t enjoy like cutting her nails!), and when she’s scared. She is not very subtle with her emotions! I have never seen her grumpy though!

Pupdate 1: Gertrude (nicknamed Gertie or Gertie Girl), is a mix of energy -- she is very bouncy (with consistent enforcement mostly not on you) and playful, but will also laze around and cuddle. She loves walks (you will have to wrestle her into a harness as her excitement for a walk is hard for her to contain), but also does just fine with a yard to run in a few times a day and a fur sibling to wrestle with in between. She usually crashes on the couch next to you in the evening. If she is crated for long periods of time, she should have a more dedicated exercise plan. She is definitely not a retriever, but loves other toys and also loves a good play wrestle with you (gently of course).

Gertrude is a busy red headed gal! She lives life in bursts of exuberance. Meals are always met with great joy (but with consistency she now sits and waits patiently with her bowl on the floor until given permission to eat!); yard time with her foster brother is a series of leaps and bounds through snow drifts while squirrel 'hunting'. She is currently in a home where someone works at home, so her days are spent snoozing on various pieces of furniture, playing watchdog by looking out windows and monitoring all the neighborhood activity, and interspersed with play wrestling sessions with her tolerant foster brother or pulling out all her toys in her toy bin. Oh, and she also regularly checks in with her people for hellos and pats and cuddles throughout the day!

Gertrude came from a hoarding situation, which has unfortunately made her quite shy around new people and places. She will hide in her crate or under any available furniture when someone visits. Gertrude may growl in warning if a new person looks her in the eyes too soon, but she has shown no aggression at all. Once she is given time, patience, and love, however, her personality could not be more different and she loves her humans hard!

Gertrude has been interested or played with every dog she has met. We may want to try her with a dominant female to make sure there aren't dominance issues, but would strongly prefer a home with another dog. She relies on her foster brother for guidance on the house rules and expected behavior norms. She also absolutely loves to play and wrestle with her foster brother. We think having another resident dog will greatly help her trust the resident humans more quickly.

Gertrude loves her crate - it's her safe space when she's scared, and she sleeps in it over night and during the day when her foster family is gone. She has gone 6 hours without issue. While left out and to her own devices, she does like to bring out interesting dirty laundry (primarily socks) but doesn't chew on them, just likes to toss them around or strew a sock or two down the hall. So being left out and about would likely lead to some interesting discoveries!

This Shar-Pei mama deserves the very best of homes - all seven of her puppies got adopted and now it's her turn! She will need a family who is patient and understanding of her shyness, but rest assured you will be rewarded one hundred fold with her enthusiastic love, loyalty, and funny, sweet personality.