Terrier Mix|female|2 years old|85 lbs|Adoption Fee $325


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 4: Francis is a great dog and will be someone's loyal companion. She follows me wherever I go and if I am in one place awhile she will either sit or lay down. She is also a great watchdog. Barks when someone pulls into the driveway but will stop barking when you say "enough" or she realizes it's just the mailman. When someone knocks on the door she will bark until you open the door then she is all about greeting the person(s) with a wagging tail & if you let her "lots of kisses".

Pupdate 3: Francis has made herself too much at home, she feels so comfortable here she gets in my bed now without being asked to come up. If you want a dog who loves to snuggle then Francis is the dog for you. She will lay down beside you with her head on your lap and then once she is settled next to you she will usually fall asleep.
Francis catches on quick also. I will say "who's hungry?" or "popcorn party" and she will go to the kitchen to eat and upstairs for the party and will sit until you put her dish down or throw  the popcorn. 

Pupdate 2: Francis has settled in very well. Things she likes: Ice cubes, chewing on bones (she is a hard chewer), playing tug-of-war & chasing balls (sometimes she brings them back). Things we are working on: She can be mouthy when excited & can grab a bit hard but has not broken any skin. (I have not had a chance to correct this behavior again).She also has a tendency when jumping up to sit next to you to get "real" close to your face which was scary at first. I started using the spray bottle to stop this behavior and has worked  so far.

Pupdate 1: Francis is a happy carefree 2 year old dog who loves to be the center of attention. She has even squeezed herself in between myself & my dog. She loves being outside and running around . She will go after a ball and if you are lucky she will bring it back. She is crate trained, housebroken, rides very well in the car & gets along with other dogs.  In fact, I believe she will need another dog to burn off some of her energy. Preferably one that is close to her size. She is a good size dog & muscular. She does need leash work but responds to sit, come & down.