QUICK FACTS: ✔️ High energy ✔️Good with kids over 7! ✔️Crate trained! ✔️Great running buddy! ✔️Good in the car! ✔️ Potty trained! ❌ Best as an only dog!

australian shepherd Mix|female|1 year old|46 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Echo currently lives with two dogs but her best life would be as an only dog.  Echo is protective of her food and water. She has resource guarding behaviors as soon as the food bowls are presented and will tell the other dogs to back off. Because of this we feed Echo separately from the other dogs.  We have also noted that Echo gets nervous when strangers visit the home. She has protective, guard dog like tendencies with new visitors and sometimes needs to be crated when new people enter the home. 

Moving on to the good stuff, Echo is the most compassionate dog I’ve met. If it weren’t for her other quirky behaviors, she could totally be a therapy dog.  If you are sad, Echo will not leave your side. She snuggles up to you as close as she can get until you feel better.  She just knows to be still and comforting. I’ve been quite amazed by that, considering she is a high energy dog.  Dogs like Echo need a job and sometimes Echo’s makes it her job to be a therapy dog. Echo is also fun. She loves to interact and play games with her humans.  Her high jump for a frisbee is a sight to see.  Echo is still really good with my two cats but will occasionally chase the more dog friendly, playful cat. 

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Pupdate 1: Echo is a stunning Blue Merle Australian Shepherd with beautiful blue eyes. Echo loves to work and play. Echo hasn’t had a consistent home in the last three months; she is so eager to met her forever people and have consistency in her life. 

Echo’s Exercise Requirements: Echo’s energy level is a 9 out of 10. Echo is meant to be herding sheep all day but she will happily settle for running, lots of frisbee, or chasing a soccer ball. Echo is not the kind of dog that can be crated at night and all day when you are working.  Echo should not be an apartment pup. She needs a yard to explore and room to play games every day. You will never be able to tire out Echo with exercise alone. She needs mental exercise too. Echo knows a lot of commands already including sit, come, drop it, leave it, shake, up, down, gentle. She’s clearly very smart and can learn anything you are interested in teaching her.  Echo can jump really high and jumps on people. Teaching her something to refocus this jumping energy on would be awesome. She would be great with agility training or urban herding (Treibball).  She would benefit even from a small agility set up just for fun. YouTube has a lot of great, inexpensive ideas for that. 

Echo with other animals: Echo just finished up at a board-and-train because she has shown signs of aggression toward other dogs. With a strong human leader and properly matched doggy friends, Echo can be dog friendly. Echo probably will never be a good dog for doggy daycare or public dog parks because she needs more structure when interacting with other doggos. Interestingly, Echo does well with cats. She mostly ignores them but will sometimes start to chase when she sees them walking around. This is easily verbally corrected by calling her or distracting her.  

Echo and Humans/Kids: Echo is a good friend to humans and that especially includes kids. She loves people. The moment I met Echo she was so happy to see me and gave me lots of kisses. She loves to play with kids. Age is restricted to older kids because of her jumping and energy but she means no harm.  She’s just a happy, jumping goof. Echo would be in heaven if she had some kids to play ball with.  Echo is such a people pleaser and is always checking in with her humans, looking at you with kind, inquisitive eyes.  Echo is a bit of a shadow and will follow her humans around all day. She likes to keep you company while you are doing yard work or watching TV. I said Echo’s energy level is a 9 out of 10 because she will let you relax, watch tv, etc as long as she got enough exercise for the day and you will let her hang out with you. Echo is more high maintenance than a lot of dogs but she is so fun. She will be an awesome dog for an adventurous person or family! Check out Echo’s progress with more pictures and videos at