QUICK FACTS: ✔️ High energy ✔️Good with kids over 7! ✔️Crate trained! ✔️Great running buddy! ✔️Good in the car! ❌ Best as an only dog!

australian shepherd Mix|female|1 year old|46 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: A typical day with Echo: Echo sleeps in her crate. She gets up and gets fed. Most days all dogs are sent outside to play for a few hours, to burn off some energy. If we leave for work or something, Echo go back in her crate. She doesn't mind, as she has it packed full of toys she put there. When everyone is home for the day. Echo gets a walk, she loves this!!!! She likes to talk to all the other dogs and kids along the way. When we come home she goes back outside and plays for a while yet and then comes in to cuddle. Echo is an amazing cuddler! She would love to sleep in bed with someone every night too.

Echo is a sweetheart. She will eat your fingers when taking a treat (working on that), jump constantly (again working on that), but she is such a lover. My daughter plays Legos and talks to Echo at that same time. Echo just sits there listening, not stealing from her. She will lay on the couch and watch movie with you all day, she does that with me on the weekend.

Echo has crazy high energy. She needs a fenced in yard to run and play. She needs to be walked several miles a day. We walk Echo on a prong collar, but that is so a child can walk her. Echo looks forward to her evening walks. She knows that she has to spend her mornings outside and play with the other dogs. Echo is not great with other dogs, she is good with them outside but not inside. She doesn't want them to touch her, but she can touch them. If a fight happens, she will not back down. She doesn't much care about cats.

Echo is crate trained, she is very quiet and happy in her crate. When she came to our home she had the choice of three crates and the silly dog picked the biggest one. That is now her happy place. She has a ton of energy, and Echo should go to a place with a fenced in yard so she has room to run and play. Echo also needs someone to talk her for very long walks; when she is tired, she will be the most wonderful dog. She with cuddle with you and watch TV with you.