QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Housebroken! ✔️ Good with other dogs! ✔️ Knows basic obedience! ✔️ Loves car rides! ❌ No cats!

pitbull Mix|female|3 years old|60 lbs

Updates from Owners: 

Pupdate 1: Meet Donut! She is a beautiful three-year-old pit bull mix who wants nothing more than to hang out and cuddle up next to you. She has a lot of energy, but will settle down with a bone when the time is right. Donut hasn’t met a food she doesn’t like, but beef may be a possible allergen. As a quick learner, she knows many tricks, from the standards to hopping up in the air with all four paws off the ground. In the nine months I’ve had her, she has been perfectly crate-trained when I am not home and has never had an accident in the house.

The only reason she is looking for a new home is that she doesn’t get along with the resident cats. Despite the shelter she came from cat-testing her, after nine months of trying for peaceful coexistence she is still very, very prey driven. She would do best in a home without cats or small animals.

Donut would love a home that will keep teaching her fun tricks, exploring new places, and giving her all the love she deserves.