QUICK FACTS: Hard of hearing ✔️ Good with adults and some older children! ✔️ Knows basic commands! ❌ No young children ❌ No cats

terrier Mix|female|?? years old|60 lbs 

Updates from Owners: 

Pupdate 1: My name is Darla and I’m a sweet and loyal girl. My parents love me very much, but need to find a safe and loving home for me because they had a two-legged baby and I get nervous that she might eat my food. My ideal family would be experienced dog owners who have time, knowledge, and patience to train/work with me on my food aggression. I would do best in a home without children (or with big kids who can follow the safety rules about dogs). I would thrive in an environment as the only dog, but will consider being an additional dog in a household designed to train/ cater to dogs with food aggression. I currently live with a second dog now, but we have to eat our food and bones in separate rooms. I have never hurt, but like to chase the kitties, so I would do best in a home without kitties too.

It breaks my family’s heart that they need to find me a new home as they love me very much. My favorite place to be is snuggled up underneath the covers with them every night. I like to nest in my favorite warm blanket while they’re away too.  I may be around 60 lbs, but I still consider myself to be a lap dog. Treats are my favorite, there really isn’t anything I don’t like, but chewing on rawhides or bones is very satisfying to me. I love toys too. I like to show people my toys, but sometimes I get carried away and I shred them into pieces and scatter them around me! Durable toys last me the longest.

My second favorite place to be is at the window, because I am a good guard dog too. I love to watch the neighborhood and will let you know with my bark if anyone is walking by. My bark isn’t very loud or scary, but I put my whole soul into it! I throw my head back and give a shout, just like the singing kids on Peanuts! My family thinks I am deaf, at the very least hard-of-hearing. They stomp on the floor to get my attention, and bang on the door when it’s time for me and my brother to come inside.  Although I can’t hear, It’s clear to my family that I am very smart, and know what’s expected of me. My face is very expressive. I know simple commands, and will come to you when you pat your hip. It took my current family longer to train themselves to stomp on the floor than it did for me to learn the house rules.

I think walks are fun too; I do best on a harness and love to smell all the smells. I like to bark at other dogs on my walks too, I am very passionate about it—so right now I spend a lot of time exploring my fenced-in yard with my brother, watching the squirrels and smelling the shrubbery.  

My family wishes they could keep me, and knows that I deserve a loving home with lots of attention, treats, cuddles, and rubs. If you give me a safe home I promise to give you my whole heart.