QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with kids and other dogs! ✔️ Walks well on leash!

red heeler Mix|female|5 years old|39 lbs|Adoption Fee $325 

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 4: Coraline is doing amazing! She now rarely goes in her crate. She can be left alone for 8+ hours with no accidents and she doesn’t chew anything! She’s a great cuddler and LOVES her sleep. She’s always the last one up in the morning. She loves making new doggy and human friends. She spent this last Christmas surrounded by people (and kids!) and was very content laying near them through all the commotion. Coraline would make a great addition to your home!

Pupdate 3: Coraline is such a good girl and so smart! She’s gotten very comfortable in her new environment and has made many sitter friends these past few weeks. She made friends with a cat as well as many dogs at daycare! She has shown no signs of food aggression and peanut butter has become a favorite! She even got to dress up as Tinkerbell for Halloween!

She gets very excited when new friends come to visit so we’re working on how to channel that energy. She walks well on a leash but gets a bit crazy when she sees wildlife so we’re working on how to coexist with them as well. Coraline is as sweet as they come and will benefit best from a home willing to be patient with her while she continues to learn. 

Pupdate 2: Coraline is adjusting well to home life! Her foster brother is teaching her all kinds of things, like how cool stuffed toys are! (And how to sit on him!) She does great on walks and can be trusted for longer periods out of her crate. She loves peanut butter and treats. She has occasionally gotten growly over human food but she’s still learning that she’s safe and not living as a stray anymore. She has a high drive to please people and will give you tons of kisses and cuddles. Coraline is as sweet as they come and can’t wait to find her patient, loving forever home!

Pupdate 1: Meet Coraline! (AKA “wigglebutt”) She’s a super sweet and smart girl who LOVES people and can’t wait to show you her wiggle! Coraline is great with both dogs and kids, even my grumpy lab! She is still learning how to be an indoor dog so there’s lots of new things to discover. So far her favorites are chewing on a bone, lounging on a dog bed, watching for furry creatures out the window or going for a walk. She walks well on a leash and is learning not to pull. She is crate trained but can be trusted out of it. We’ve recently allowed her to sleep in our bedroom at night outside of the crate and she’s doing great! She knows sit/down and we’re working on other basics. She rarely barks!

 Coraline is a bit skittish with loud noises or sudden movements and it does take her a few days to feel comfortable in a new place. She does pace from window to window at first but usually relaxes within a day or two. She’s still learning how to be an indoor pup so she needs a home that can be patient with her as she figures things out. (She’ll give you plenty of kisses along the way!)  She loves to be outside so a fenced in yard might be a good option for her! She loves to play but is just as content laying by your side for some pets. Coraline can’t wait to meet her forever family!