QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Housebroken! ✔️ Good with adults and some older children! ✔️ Good with cats! ✔️ Loves car rides! ❌ No young children! ❌ Would prefer to be the only dog

pitbull Mix|female|6 years old|55 lbs 

Updates from Owners: 

Pupdate 1: Charlie needs a great home. Charlie is almost 6. She’s up to date on her vaccines & microchipped. She’s 100% potty trained, she’s crate trained but does get anxious in a crate, I have found she does well in one room while I’m at work all day without accidents. She does get anxious with storms & fireworks. 

Charlie needs someone who has dog experience, someone with patience & understanding of some of the issues she does have, someone with no children or with older children (like 13/14 or older children) because she gets very anxious around young children, especially little boys although she is great with my 11 year old daughter and niece, however I think no children might be best but would also depend on the child.

She is hesitant of new people upon first meeting, especially of men, but with a little patience and a couple of good sniffs she does come around & will ask that you rub her belly...she needs someone to understand this will take time. She will do best as an only dog in the home as she doesn’t share toys or food well, BUT she’s great with cats. 

She does get along with most dogs in general and has spent time in daycare and preferred the smaller dogs as she grew up with pugs--she will need time to re-adjust to getting to know the joy of other dogs again slowly but again there has to be an understanding of her food & toy possession. She’s sweet, full of energy & love, she’s very snuggly & has been spoiled with sleeping in the bed at night.

She’s smart and knows lots of basic commands. She LOVES car rides & hanging her head out of the window, loves running in yard or big open spaces! Charlie needs a home where she will get the attention she deserves and space all her own.  This has been a very hard choice for us and I'd be happy to share more details of Charlie over the phone or in person. We hope to find her the perfect forever home....I hope that's out there for her.