QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with other dogs* (see pupdate)! ✔️ Crate trained! ✔️ Good for beginner dog owner! ✔️ Loves people!

lab Mix|female|2 years old|45 lbs|Adoption Fee $325

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Cat the Dog, or Kit Cat, as I like to call her, continues to be an incredibly easy foster dog, especially when it comes to our day-to-day life. She wakes up on my schedule, we can go for as short or long a walk as I feel like, and then she's happy eating breakfast and chilling on the couch while I get ready for work. She is also starting to read my actions, which means when she knows I'm getting ready to head out the door, I rarely have to tell her "time for bed" anymore -- she puts herself in her crate. At night when I'm home, she loves nothing more than curling up with me on the couch. And so far she's only done one naughty house thing, which is eat an entire bag of sugary candy off the coffee table, which, I fault myself for leaving food at snout height with a new foster. That's way too tempting! Perhaps I'm biased, because I've had some very, ahem, adventurous fosters, but Cat has been a breeze since the day I got her.

Cat's main issue is her anxiety/reactivity. Someone asked me how much it affects my time with her and my answer was "less than 1% of the time," and that remains true. It comes out in different ways, like the time I went to throw a poop bag in the garbage can when it was out on the curb for collection day,and the garbage can moved and now she's a little skiddish of garbage cans (but only when they're away from the house). And the first time she met my boyfriend, he came home after an 11-day business trip and they had never met before. It was pretty late at night, he was carrying a big suitcase, and I was upstairs -- so she growled at him when he let himself in the house. Now, they're fast friends! (treats have been a huge help). He remains the only person she's ever growled at inside the house, and he's the only person who's let himself in. Anyone I have opened the door to, she's fine with -- a little cautious at first, but has never growled. So, really, I think it makes her a fantastic guard dog! And then her reactivity comes out with other dogs. She reads off the other dog's energy. So on walks, if a dog calmly approaches her, she happily approaches them and wants to be friendly. If a dog is barking and lunging and growling at her, she does not hesitate to reply in kind. Like in Pupdate #1, Cat has lived with dogs and been fine in plenty of situations with dogs, but she's not going to be one of those "can live with any dog" kinda dogs. If you have a dog and are interested in adopting Cat, great, she can live with other dogs! But you know your dog best, so you can make the call if your dog would be a good forever friend for her.

Overall, we've been so happy to have Cat! She's just so sweet and wants to love her people. And she's not just good in the house -- taking her on walks has been really enjoyable, too, and she loves exploring her neighborhood and meeting people. I truly think her tinge of anxiety just means she's not perfect for every potential adopter, but she would make a great companion for many people. I'd say we have a relatively calm lifestyle, meaning we don't have tons of activity in our house and we sometimes have people over, maybe once a week, and we don't expect Cat to be one of those 'go everywhere with us' dogs, and she's fitting in super well with our lifestyle. And I do think if Cat goes to obedience class to bond with her forever family and maybe boost her confidence a little, she'll be even better than she already is!

Pupdate 1: Cat wakes up on my schedule, we go for a walk, she eats breakfast, we may play a little, or at least I leave her out of her crate while I'm eating/getting ready. Then it's back in her crate while I'm at work. After work, it's dinner time, evening walk time, and usually some couch cuddle and play time before it's back in her crate for bed.

Overall, Cat adores humans of all ages. When she meets people out on walks, she wants to be their best friend. She can get a little skiddish and fearful around new people in the house, but with proper introductions and calm behavior from the humans, Cat will make an effort to love that person, too (having that person give her treats to show they're kind goes a long way, too!) She has only had short interactions with kids in neighborhoods when out on walks; she's interested and polite, never seems scared or aggressive/defensive.

Cat is whatever your energy level is. You want to go for a long walk? She's on board. You want to stay inside because it's a polar vortex or you're sick? Great, take her on a short walk to pee/poop and she's happy to sleep inside with you.

On walks and off leash, Cat seems to do great with all dogs, and lived with a dog in her Texas foster home and did great. She reportedly does well with cats but I have not observed that. The only negative interactions Cat had with dogs was when I took her to dog-friendly bars, both dogs were on leash, and the other dog wasn't allowed to play with her. She was not happy, and then she barked and got upset.

I crate Cat for her safety when I'm gone or sleeping, and she'll often go in her crate on command. She may whine quietly for a few minutes but always calms down very quickly. When I am home, no matter what I'm doing, Cat is allowed out of her crate. And even if my eyes are off of her, she has never once done anything naughty.

Cat is just a super sweet, loyal dog who's very easy to take care of. The only thing to note, really, is that she clearly has a little fear/anxiety, and when things trigger it she isn't her usual perfect self. The best forever home for her would be one that's relatively calm, and with people who will gently take the time to continue building her confidence.