QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with adults and teenagers! ✔️ Loves car rides! ❌ No young children!

Pit bull/boxer/beagle Mix|female|6 years old|65 lbs

Updates from Owners: 

Pupdate 1: Brit is a sweet, happy dog who enjoys walks and loves sitting around with her people. Brit is 6 years old but still gets the zoomies (she barks and growls to signal this, which can be unsettling at first). She likes to guard the door but stops barking once she sees who is out there, even when she doesn’t actually know them. She just wants to know who is knocking! Brit loves to ride in the car and will happily sit on the lap of the person in the front passenger seat. Brit does not like baths or being submerged, but she submits to showers (enclosed stall, I’m not sure she would stay in a bathtub).

Brit knows ‘sit’ but not any other commands. She likes to lie under the table during meals, but she’s very good about not begging. We foolishly allowed Brit to sleep on the bed with us, and now there’s no undoing it. She sleeps on a bed with a person or she sits outside the door and whines loudly. Brit will rarely jump up on people when she’s extremely excited (for instance when her favorite people come home after being at work all day) but she does this maybe a couple times a week at the most.

Brit is fantastic with adults and great with teenagers, but she gets anxious around younger kids, which is why we are looking for a new home for her. Before we got her Brit lived with a family with a dog and got along well with that dog until little kids entered the picture. We didn’t have any other dogs while having her, but she does get nervous when meeting other dogs on walks once they start to investigate her behind. Her old family said that Brit gets along with cats, but we haven’t had any of those with her either.