Lab/Retriever Mix|female|7 months old|56 lbs|Adoption Fee $375


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Breezy is doing really well! She’s learning to play, goes in her kennel loves to play with her brother & sister pups and hasn’t had a single accident since that first week. She loves her foster brother Scraggs and follows him around all the time!

Pupdate 1: Breezy is a very sweet dog that loves to cuddle, and could use a ton of human attention, coming from a very rough background. Although she’s just a puppy, Breezy has no understanding of how to play, with either toys or other dogs, and does not display typical puppy energy - she would rather lay next to you than do anything else. She is very scared of everything, including meeting new people and animals, although we were able to very slowly introduce her to our other dogs. Breezy is afraid to go outside, to go through doors, and she’s terrified of going down stairs. While she seems partly house-trained, she’s had several accidents in the house because she does not like being outside. We've been working on both of these things, and she is slowly making progress. And she is able to go through the night without an accident, as I’ve let her sleep with me and she’s been fine, so I have no doubt she’s very intelligent, she just needs time to feel safe and comfortable in her environment. We’ve not successfully been able to take her for a walk because she freezes or tries to run back home, although we’re working on this. She is very good with people once she trusts you, but she needs to be given time. She is crate trained, but she does not see the crate as a safe place and cries while she’s in it. She can be left out alone for short periods, although she loves to chew so if you provide her with plenty of chew toys and rawhides on a big soft bed she’s a happy girl. I would not suggest at this time that she be with anyone except for a very experienced dog owner who is able to be home much of the time. Breezy has been exposed to my twin 10 year old children, but I would recommend if she must be with children, possibly older children would be okay. At this time I also think she would do best as either an only dog or with a very gentle dog that isn’t interested in much play.