QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with kids! ✔️ Good with other dogs and cats! ✔️Good for beginner dog owner!

lab Mix|male|4 months old|15 lbs|Adoption Fee $375

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Birch is a super sweet submissive little guy who is really coming out of his shell. He either lacked socialization with people early on or maybe had some negative experiences as he would tuck him tail between his legs, hide in a corner and put his head down when people walked by. Birch has NEVER shown any signs of aggression toward people, kids, other dogs, or cats. He is truly very gentle and as a young puppy learning that life can be pretty fun! He plays with the other dogs, my cat, and learning to play with people. The first two weeks he seemed nervous being touched or held but he now enjoys pets and belly rubs. Birch has been around and handled by friends children and does well. He is learning to trust and is gaining confidence.

Birch is a low energy puppy, great with other dogs and cats, and does well when left on his own (although he is with his foster brother Ash). BIrch just needs a loving family who will spoil him and bring out his playful puppy and help him gain confidence!

A typical day for Birch: Birch gets up at 6:30 AM (he is gated with Ash at night and during the day while I am gone). Goes outside and plays for 45 minutes and eats. Potty break at 11:00 with outside runs in the back yard. I am home by 3:30- another yard break and a walk in the afternoon.