QUICK FACTS: ✔️ Good with other dogs! ✔️ Crate trained! ✔️ Good for beginner dog owner!

Rottweiler Mix|female|7 months old|41 lbs|Adoption Fee $375

Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Sweet, silly, smart, spirited, and sassy - Anne is all of this and more! At seven months old, she's plenty rambunctious and loves to play, and if you have a fenced yard and a ball or a stick to chase she'll be your best friend (especially if there's another pup to pal around with!) Anne is generally happy and curious about the world around her - thunderstorms, fireworks, and even the vacuum cleaner don't faze her a bit, and she wants to make friends with every dog, cat, and person she meets.

Be prepared for an energetic girl - Anne's a frisky puppy and needs lots of play, social time, and training practice in order to get her wiggles out and occupy her keen mind. She'd do well in an active household, and we think another doggie role model to look up to would do wonders for her confidence and help stabilize her energy. However, she understands good and respectful behavior, even if sometimes her teenage phase and puppy energy eclipse her good manners. She's also clever, treat-motivated, and a fast learner, so her training is coming along by leaps and bounds. Anne starts training classes at the Dog Den on 7/15, so we expect she'll have a lot of good habits to work on!

Anne has a good grasp of the basics ("sit," "lie down," "stay", and "off"), and we're currently working on place training. She's also well-behaved and quiet in her crate, even if she does need a treat and a toy to tempt her in there. She had some accidents as she got used to the house, but with attention to her signals and a regular schedule she's just about mastered potty training. She can be mouthy when playing (although she doesn't put pressure behind it), so she should be carefully supervised with young children.

She's a heavy chewer, and she likes to swipe clothes, blankets, and other soft things and run away with them, so we don't recommend leaving her unsupervised until she's got more solid training under her belt. She likes cats and isn't aggressive toward them, but she does want to play so much that she can get into their personal space. Our cats aren't shy about letting her know their boundaries, and once they do she'll submit and back off.

Anne can be resistant to the leash, and walks much better if she's got another dog to follow (and with the aid of a martingale collar.) Once she feels comfortable, though, she sets a good pace, and with some patient work she'd likely be a good running buddy one day. When she's had time to develop her discipline and focus, we bet she'd enjoy the challenge of learning tricks or practicing agility. The sky truly is the limit for this lovable girl - could you be the lucky family that takes her home?