Adoption Requirements

The adopter(s) agree(s) to:

  • Assume responsibility for humane care, proper food, water, shelter, regular exercise, veterinary care, and control of their adopted dog at all times.
  • Treat the Fetch dog as an indoor dog, and alllow the dog to reside indoors freely at all times.
  • Use positive reinforcement training methods and refrain from using any form of physical punishment.
  • Relinquish custody of the dog to Fetch only, no refund of the adoption fee will be granted.
  • Allow Fetch to examine the dog and its living conditions at any time, and to surrender the dog back to Fetch if the conditions are found to be unsatisfactory. Should it be necessary to litigate in connection with any dispute, the adopter(s) agrees to pay all court costs and all attorney fees.
  • Agree(s) to not let the Fetch dog run at large or become a public nuisance. If the dog escapes, they also agree to take immediate responsibility to retrieve the dog from any shelter or impound.
  • Agree(s) to have the dog wear a collar and ID tag at all times with current license.
  • Accept this dog as is, assumes all risk of ownership, including the risk of injury or damage caused by the animal. Fetch does not warrant the temperament or behavior of the rescue dog, nor is the rescue dog warranted to be free of genetic defects. The selection and adoption of the rescue dog is based upon the adopter’s own observations and judgment, along with the foster home’s observations while the dog was in foster care. Fetch is not liable for any acts by the rescue dog while living with the adopting family. The adopter(s) understands that Fetch has made every effort to provide a dog that is compatible with the adopter’s home and living environment.

Understand(s) if any of the above conditions are not fulfilled, Fetch reserves the right to remove the dog from the adopter’s home without refunding the application fee and adoption fee. Should Fetch have to remove a dog from the adopter’s home or property, it will not be considered trespassing, and the homeowner(s) shall not accuse Fetch or its representative(s) of such actions.