Frequently Asked Questions about Adoption


Will I get to adopt the dog that I'm interested in?

We evaluate applications based on application date, so that oldest applicants are considered first for a specific dog. We will do our best to match you with the dog of your choice, but in the end it's about what's best for the dog. Puppies and young adults are in high demand, so it's likely they will be adopted to families already on our wait list.

I'm looking for a specific type of dog, can you help me find it?

We certainly can. We're always monitoring various shelter lists for all types of dogs to rescue. If you are interested in a particular breed and you don't see it on our site, let us know. Keep in mind that popular breeds, such as Golden Retrievers, are more difficult to find than mixed breeds.

What is required to apply for adoption?

In order to be considered for adoption, please submit an adoption application, along with the $30 application fee.

Why do you charge an application fee?

Effort spent towards processing applications, running background checks, and making reference phone calls takes away from time we have to fundraise. As a result, we ask for a $30 processing fee with your adoption application. Rest assured, the proceeds from this fee go towards the dogs in our care.

What should I expect from the application process?

The first step in the process is to fill out an adoption application. This will allow us to collect some basic demographic information to complete background and reference checks. If the checks pass, we'll give you a call to do a short interview to collect information about the type of dog you are looking for, as well as information about you and your family. After the phone interview, we'll stop by for a home visit. This will allow us to assess your home environment to ensure that we match  the appropriate dog to it. For example, a dog with arthritis, or general muscle issues, may not do well in an apartment complex with multiple sets of stairs. 

After approval of your home visit, we'll determine if your environment is the right fit for the dogs that you are interested in. If it is, we'll set up a meet & greet so that you can get to know the dog, their routine, and demeanor. If your environment is not the right fit for the dog you are interested in, we'll make recommendations for dogs that could be.

Note that moving forward into the meet and greet stage for any dog does not guarantee adoption of that dog. Judgment is applied at the discretion of Fetch and it's volunteers to determine the best fit.

How much does it cost to adopt a dog from Fetch?

Our adoption rates are listed below. The proceeds from adoption fees go towards the dogs in our care. 

  • Pups (8 weeks - 12 months):   $375.00
  • Adults (13 months - 7 years old):  $325.00
  • Seniors (8 years and older):   $200.00