Fetch Wisconsin, Inc. got its start in April of 2013.  A group of volunteers, ranging from seasoned veterans to rescue rookies, gathered to form an all-breed rescue based in Madison, WI.  Our vision is to create a society in which every dog is valued and provided proper care and compassion. 

Blu and Charlie were the first Fetch foster dogs. They came to us from a partner shelter in Chicago.  Next up were pregnant mamas Izzy and Luna who had their puppies on the same day in early May, doubling the size of Fetch! From there, we built relationships with shelters and humane societies across Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. We’ve even had pups join us from as far away as Louisiana, North Carolina and Texas! Many Fetch dogs come to us as owner surrenders and we are happy to be able to serve that population and prevent dogs from entering a shelter environment.

Fetch’s mission is to rehome and rehabilitate at-risk dogs.  We’ve learned that rehabilitation is at the heart of dog rescue.  We have built our behavioral resources over the last two years and have placed a focus on education and support for our fosters and adopters.  We strive to help our dogs become confident, balanced dogs and for our volunteers to be confident, assertive pack leaders.

Our volunteer base has grown from the 4 people who decided to start Fetch to nearly 800! Fetch is entirely volunteer run - volunteers foster and transport dogs, they coordinate fundraising events and donate their time to concession stand shifts.  From home visits to web design, our volunteers bring their skills, expertise and passion to support Fetch. Because of their hard work, we reached 100 adoptions just shy of our first birthday and we are on track to hit 2,000 adoptions this summer!

We are proud to be making Fetch happen.

Department of Agriculture License #:     289823-DS

Fetch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization