Chihuahua Mix |Female|5.5 Years old |10 lbs | Adoption Fee $275

Zoe loves blankets - preferably down - preferably electric heaters - preferably with a warm body next to her :-)

Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 5: Hey guys, just had to tell you about the great day I had yesterday! I spent the whole day playing with 4 yr old twins and a 1 year old boy. My foster mom says I was so awesome! I am great around kids. The little boy pulled my ears and tail and tried to sit on me, but I handled it with style and grace. Please, Please, Please give me a chance.  Come meet me, and I will be your new BFF.

Pupdate 4: Hello! You should really come meet me, I am the greatest dog on earth! My mom wass going to throw this box of old blankets away, but I decided to re-purpose them into the world's greatest bed! I also love a good laundry basket full of socks to lie in :)  Spring is just around the corner and I love to be outside-could I be your new gardening buddy?

Pupdate 3: Zoe was so excited to run off-leash today on 125 acres of woods, field and streams! She sprinted around, smelled and rolled in ALL THE THINGS! In addition to running around in the woods, she loves to go on walks and snuggle in your lap. She would be fine in a household with or without other dogs, and she is also good with kids. She's the whole package, so don't miss out on this sassy girl!

Pupdate 2:  My foster mom says:

 I am cute as a button and sweet as pie
I’ll keep you warm wherever you lie

 Snuggled next to you is where I want to be
Under the blankets as warm as can be

 Let me outside and I will go potty
And head right back in to my nice warm spotty

 Just give me a chance and I will win you over
You’ll feel mighty lucky like you just found a clover

 I’ll be your best friend, one you will always treasure
You can count on me beyond any measure.

 So come see me today! I promise to impress!
I am so easy going I will give you no stress

 Goodbye for now, I hope to see you soon
When you walk through the door I’ll be over the moon

 Pupdate 1: Zoe got here last night. She is doing great and appears to be very sweet and snuggly. She is very sweet. She likes to snuggle and be under the covers. She will sometimes growl if someone is approaching while she is laying next to you. Have never seen it escalate beyond that. She does well with pottying outside as long as someone is there to let her out. She is a sweet girl. She gets along fine with my dogs, she pretty much ignores them. She will be fine with or without other dogs. She does not bark much either!!