Yorkshire Terrier|Male|9 Years old|7 lbs|Adoption Fee $200


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Welcome to Zeus' page!  He's one very cute and sweet little guy, but make sure to read on to see if he would be a good fit for you since he has some special needs. 

Zeus gets overwhelmed easily and reacts negatively by lashing out and potentially biting when he gets too stressed out.  Due to this, Zeus is looking for a calm, quiet household with only one human in it.  Zeus is very loving towards all humans, even children, in small amounts but needs a home environment with only one person where he can relax and feel safe.  As long as Zeus is comfortable though, he is extremely snuggly, loves to have his hair brushed, and loves to have his belly rubbed.  If you're his person, he's sure to give you all the kisses and snuggles you need to start every day well. 

Zeus also has some special medical needs an adoptive family will need to be comfortable monitoring.  Zeus has loose kneecaps which he takes joint supplements for daily.  He doesn't have any pain or loss of mobility in his knees yet though, so he runs and plays and jumps up on the couch like any happy dog.  Zeus also has a history of dental disease so will need someone who is willing to give him dental chews regularly and work on brushing regularly.  Finally, Zeus has cataracts that should be checked regularly by a vet.  He takes eye drops daily to keep his eyes from getting too irritated from the cataracts.  He has some vision loss due to the cataracts, but it has not affected his mobility at all either.  

If these sound like things you can work with, then Zeus would love to meet you! He is a very energetic man for his age, loves to chew on bones or dental rawhides, plays with toys from time to time, and loves exploring outside.  Zeus is a top notch snuggler and would love to show a lucky person out there how much love he has to give.