yorkie Mix|male|8 years old|7 lbs|Adoption Fee $200


Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 2: Zeus has fit right in with 2 more yorkies and 2 boys! Lots of activity in this house and he does just great! He's a mellow guy, loves belly rubs, and showering you with kisses when you oblige. He doesn't have that typical Yorkie "barking at everything" trait. He will let you know when someone enters the house with a couple loud barks, but other than that not too much noise coming from this little guy.

He had previously been left out of crate during day. I crate him during day while at work and he does just fine with that, so could work either way for someone. Not much interest in toys, but that could be because my dog steals them all! Zeus can be shy at first when meeting someone. As long as someone isn't too forceful in their greeting- he warms up quickly.

A well potty trained Yorkie! That doesn't happen everyday!! He likes to take his time sniffing around and marking his territory in the yard. What a great leash walker! Never pulls and walks along side you just enjoying himself. Zeus is eagerly awaiting his person! He is a snuggler and lovable boy. He will melt your heart with his devotion! He comes up to you with his legs stretched out on yours and his big eyes looking up, just waiting to be picked up and cuddled.

Pupdate 1: Zeus has been doing great since he arrived! He is a very relaxed dog who loves to snuggle up on the couch with you any chance he can get. He gets excited every time I walk in the door and follows me everywhere! He gets along with my cat very well. I have taken him for play dates with other dogs and he has been friendly toward them. He is very friendly on the sidewalk but seems to get a bit scared when much larger dogs come by, as he is just a little tyke. He is potty trained, however he doesn’t really know commands like “sit” or “stay”. I have not kept Zeus in a crate since I got him, he has free reign of the apartment when I am gone. He seems to do well with this; I have not had any shoes or socks chewed up! As of right now, Zeus has had little interaction with young children. However, the one that he met he seemed to not mind; he basically ignored her. Overall, he has been a joy to have and no trouble at all! He would be a great companion dog.