Shiba Inu Mix|Male|5.5 years old|20 lbs|Adoption Fee $275

Wolfie is scared of cars.

Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 4: Wolfie moved to my place about a week ago now and I can already tell just how smart he is! Wolfie does have leash reactivity (barking/lunging) to cars/bikes/runners, but as soon as you put a prong collar on him, he is a DREAM on walks. No reacting, no pulling at all. Wolfie is very good at his commands too. No matter where you are or what you're doing, he'll sit with no questions asked! He gets along great with my resident dog and the two cats. Completely leaves them alone. My favorite thing about Wolfie though is how respectful he is with space. He knows he needs to be invited up onto the couch and will sit politely on the floor or sleep in his bed unless you invite him up. Such a sweet boy! And look how handsome that face is. :)

Pupdate 3: Who likes flyball?!! Wolfie does! I took the little guy to a practice a few weeks ago, and he caught on really quickly! Although he’s definitely an amateur, the people were very friendly and willing to show him the ropes! He’s super treat motivated and seems to enjoy this sport a lot. The practice was at Mounds warehouse in Fitchburg, and the league is called Ruff Position. They are more of a social league, they do compete, but are very welcoming if you simply want to try it out and see if your dog would like it.
As far as Wolfie’s aggression goes, he is still a special needs dog. This means he will need someone who can be consistent with his training. The tools I have been using are a prong collar for walks, and an e-collar for indoor training. You have to be real on top of him as he goes from level 1 to a 10 (plus) in a matter of seconds. He minds well, but he needs a lot of reassurance. I know a lot of people who are averse to prong collars, but I’m telling you, he is a different dog with it on. He is much calmer, and far more likely to behave himself and not get too worked up.
Wolfie knows sit, down, stay (although to be honest, he needs more work on this!), and come!  He is crate trained, but he needs a wire crate and not a plastic crate. He definitely knows his name, so I would not change it, plus his canines teeth are HUGE for his size, so the name fits!
He’s a spectacular dog, who really wants his own human to love and go through life with. He needs to be the only one in the household, but he does tolerate other dogs, so if you have another pup slow introductions are necessary, and you will need to supervise him closely to avoid aggression before it starts to develop.

Pupdate 2: Wolfie has been with me now for three weeks, and is settling into a routine. He definitely has resource guarding issues, and I’m working on that with him as well as some car aggression issues. He definitely does not like being in close proximity to cars when they are starting, and will go into bark-attack mode until it is out of sight. When we pass by moving cars on a walk, he’s getting better, but in close proximity when a car starts, he will still need some work on. Now onto the good stuff!
Wolfie is really smart, and wants to please. I think he would do best in a home with older children, and a really strong leader. He does ok with other dogs, but definitely needs to be the alpha male in any situation. He’s also a great cuddler and loves to have his neck area rubbed and massaged! He is super soft and is a great size (20 lbs!). I think he would do really well in agility or flyball competitions. He definitely has a lot of energy and loves to go on walks and explore! This little guy is super adorable and just needs to find a human who can put up with his quirks!

Pupdate 1: I've had Wolfie for about two weeks now and he's settling in well. Things I've noticed about him are that he's got a ton of personality and a lot of bravado. This little dude has a spark! He thinks he's bigger than he actually is. At 20 pounds this mighty mite is a force to be reckoned with. He gets along with other dogs but he needs a slow intro. He's been playing with my 45 pound boxer mix and he's only 20 pounds. Although my resident dog tends to rollover and respects the fact that Wolfie is tiny, they still manage to have a good time playing and wrestling around. Wolfie likes to be the dominant one although his size would tell you different. He needs a lot of structure and a very strong leader; someone who can knock him down off his pedestal and let him know who the real boss is! He definitely wants to please, and is very treat motivated. He's not crazy about the crate but once he's in there he does fine. He still needs work on going in there willingly, but he's getting better at it. He tends to pull on a walk and he gets a little frightful of other people, other dogs, and cars that pass by. I've been using a prong collar on him and with small correction he does great! ! He tends to get startled at the least bit of noises and will bark, but with quick correction he stops and relaxes. I'm not sure how he would do with cats, but he does OK with other dogs, but I think if he were the only dog to occupy your attention he would be happiest. Whoever gets this dog is going to be very lucky! He's sweet, loving, and a great cuddler!