Shiba Inu Mix|Male|5.5 years old|20 lbs|Adoption Fee $275

Wolfie is scared of cars.

Updates from  Foster Home: 

Pupdate 3: Wow!  I've learned a TON of really cool stuff about Wolfie in the last couple of weeks.  First of all, Wolfie does extremely well in large groups of people.  He came with me to a Fetch exposure event last week and it ended up raining so we were in a couple rooms packed with children and adults.  Wolfie was calm and relaxed through the entire night!  It was loud, lots of stuff going on, and lots of stimuli, but all he wanted was a couple pets from his people every now and then. So he'll definitely do great in crowds!

Another thing I've learned is that Wolfie is super great with kids!  We have a lot of children in my neighborhood and he is very patient with them.  Some of the kids even look forward to meeting us for walks so they can spend time with Wolfie.  He may bark at first around new people when nervous, but Wolfie loves seeing the kids too!  He lets them pet him and touch him all over and never seems bothered at all to have small children running around on our walks or at events we've gone to.  

I've also learned that while Wolfie will get along great with any type of dog, he doesn't seem to enjoy playing with other dogs.  He lives super peacefully with my dog since she also doesn't like to play.  They will even snuggle, share toys, and follow each other around the house.  However, Wolfie will get overstimulated and get grumbly/snappy at dogs when they try to wrestle with him.  So if you have a dog already who is a heavy player, they will likely need very slow intros and some redirection to get them to play nicely together.  Otherwise, if you have a lower energy dog who is happy to not play, he is a dream!

The last thing that is important about Wolfie is that he is scared of cars/bikes/skateboards/etc rolling by.  He can get nervous and shows this by barking a lot and trying to lunge at the object.  He is doing so much better at his training on this and does really well with a prong collar or e-collar to distract him.  With a prong collar on, he doesn't even react at all and seems like a "normal" dog on walks!

Besides this, Wolfie just wants to please his humans!  He can easily be trained to not go on furniture unless invited, he is better at sit than any dog I've ever seen, and he snuggles like the best of them.  His other commands include down, stay, wait, and "go to your place".  He also sleeps through the night in his crate without a peep, is completely potty trained, and gets along well with the cats.  He loves food and treats so training him to do anything else will be a breeze! 

Pupdate 2: Wolfie continues to do so well at my place. I've learned that he matches whatever the energy level of his environment is. So with me and my resident dog, that means Wolfie is happy to just lounge around in the sun and snuggle with us! This does mean he can get overstimulated in high energy environments, but again, the prong collar keeps him extremely well mannered if we go somewhere high energy. I really couldn't ask for a smarter or more snugly dog!

Pupdate 1: Wolfie moved to my place about a week ago now and I can already tell just how smart he is! Wolfie does have leash reactivity (barking/lunging) to cars/bikes/runners, but as soon as you put a prong collar on him, he is a DREAM on walks. No reacting, no pulling at all. Wolfie is very good at his commands too. No matter where you are or what you're doing, he'll sit with no questions asked! He gets along great with my resident dog and the two cats. Completely leaves them alone. My favorite thing about Wolfie though is how respectful he is with space. He knows he needs to be invited up onto the couch and will sit politely on the floor or sleep in his bed unless you invite him up. Such a sweet boy! And look how handsome that face is. :)