mountain cur Mix|male|2.5 years old|34 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Willy is a perfect country gentleman - he is purebred Mountain Cur and came with his pedigree information (his full name is really Willard!).  We think this past month of fostering was his first time in a city (and maybe in a house), as he took a while learning about all the fun new things we have here - cars, which scared him; glass doors, which he previously walked straight into; and stairs; which he seemed unable or unwilling to climb his first few days. 

He has adapted excellently to his new city life and is now crate and potty trained (though he does still have an accident in the house from time to time if you don’t take him out frequently enough). We have only heard him bark a handful of times, mostly when he was first learning to enjoy time in his crate. Willy is very calm and well mannered. He loves naps and chewing on his bone, but so seems uninterested in playing ball or with stuffed toys. He is pretty submissive around other dogs, but he’s doing better every day and I think some socialization at the dog park or doggy daycare would do him well in the future.